Radical Rose by Matiere Premiere

January 10, 2022

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Check our Podcast episode dedicated to this perfume where we discussed more in detail other aspects of Radical Rose:

Do you like rose as a main note in a perfume? If you don’t, wait until you try this masterfully crafted fragrance.

This is love at first sniff whether you are into roses or not and we apologise if that statement feels a little bit exaggerated, we are only speaking from personal experience and from similar stories coming from many people we know.

The niche perfume house of Matiere Premiere is a name that makes a lot of sound when it comes to their perfumes, as the name suggests, Matiere Premiere is translated to English as “Raw Materials” and once you smell their scents, it all makes a lot of sense as everything is and feels really natural and organic.
The French house has 8 perfumes available for the average citizen of the world and one perfume that is Harrod’s exclusive only but we will discuss about the other gems in some other instance.

Today we want to share our thoughts about their ultra loved “Radical Rose”, a divine and gorgeous scent that for us it was love from the very beginning

This perfume is very unisex, so if you are a guy, don’t be fooled by the name as this is a perfume that becomes a beautiful accessory regardless your gender and it is incredibly versatile as well.This is because of the way it is constructed. Having spices like pepper corn, Saffron, Patchouli, Labdanum and some of the most beautiful fresh and natural roses you will ever smell in a fragrance. These roses are harvested in their own farm of Rose Centifolia somewhere in Grasse France.To be honest, we don’t know anything about the characteristics of that specific rose, we just love the way it smells and that is enough for our senses.This is fresh, bright, spicy, warm, leathery…Perfection!

One of the very best aspects of Radical Rose besides the amazing smell is how great it works in any season. We have wore it in summer and it was great and fresh and now that we are in winter (minus 6 degrees Celsius average temperature in Slovenia) and it just fits perfectly with its warmth veil of spice and sensuality.

The performance is excellent, passing easily the 8hr mark and the perfumer behind all these beauties is Aurelien Guichard. What a talented man!

The notes of Radical Rose according to Matiere Premiere’s website:
Rose Centifolia AbsoluteSaffron & Pink Berries Essence JamaicaPatchouli Essence Indonesia Labdanum Essence Andalusia

Have fun and hope you have the chance to try this wonderful scent


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  1. Mike says:

    Did Daniel ever get to try Oud Seven?

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