Tiziana Terenzi ORION

November 15, 2020

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Constellation, sweet perfection

Summer is officially gone…and soon, what’s left inside this bottle as well. We are talking about 5ml left of juice, a bummer.

The beauty behind orion is just flawless. Sweet, smoky, playful yet serious, a one of a kind blend.

So, a couple of years back, when finding niche fragrances in Slovenia was like trying to find bigfoot, we were going around different European countries on a quest to learn and collect tasty liquids. So we landed in Zagreb to be precise, at Parfumerie Lana, which by the way is a phenomenal place.

There, the owner of the shop Lana, showed to us a wide range of fragrances. That day we ended up acquiring few great ones and among them was Orion by the house of Tiziana Terenzi.

Few years later and here we are, looking back to so many memories linked to this perfume. Travels, dinners, jobs, projects, arguments, love, differences, agreements but one thing i can tell you, from all the fragrances we have/had, this is probably the most memorable one of hers or at least the one that witnessed the most relevant episodes of our lives together.

On a side note, i never wanted to wear it myself tho so it is just for her use.

The pineapple, the cedar or maybe the smoke that surrounds that apple accord or even the musk note makes this perfume a must have and a joy to wear. Unfortunately there are about 5 ml left but fortunately there are endless moments to remember linked to each and every spray applied


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