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January 21, 2022

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Check our Podcast about Puredistance’s Black where we discussed this work of art in more depth:

Puredistance is a niche perfume house based on the Netherlands that is known by having some of the most beautiful and exclusive fragrances that are currently available to the world.

These are done by incredible and talented perfumers and  their  whole collection of 12 fragrances are called “The magnificent XII collection”.

“Black” is a perfume done by master perfumer Antoine Lie and it was their fifth perfume out of their full lineup.

Around 7 years ago we were in Croatia, Zagreb looking to learn about niche perfumes so we ended up in one of the most exclusive stores for that matter. This place has some of the best brands of niche perfumes and it is owned by Mrs Lana, who is a very knowledgeable person and also happened to be the main distributor of Puredistance for this part of Europe.

After listening her for a while, she showed us the brand and the first perfume we tested was Black and long story short, we got the perfume immediately.

A true “Love at first sniff” moment and a sentiment that hasn’t changed not one bit ever since.

But because there is no story with absolute happiness, there is always that odd feeling that something is incomplete with this experience. It has nothing to do with the smell of the perfume but more with the fact that this is the only perfume that you can’t find the notes anywhere. This is because Mr Antoine Lie decided to keep them as secret. So as you see, being spoiled with always having access to information regarding perfumes has finally slapped us in the face.

Now we are going to stop with the bluffing and proceed to share our thoughts about this masterpiece.

Black is a perfume that initially  we thought it was only for men but it is definitely for everyone.
This perfume is very elegant and ultra sensual and it has a performance that will exceed your expectations. If you want to go on a dinner with your spouse or significant other and you want to impress, go ahead and spray this on you, we can assure you that the next morning, this will be on your skin.
We share this based on our own experiences though. The memories we have with this perfume are all in that nature. A night out, dinner, romance and always with that veil of elegance lurking around the skin. Fascinating experience.
Regarding versatility, we don’t want to limit you with our comments as you should wear a perfume whenever you want to, but in our case, we leave it just for special occasions and for the colder months. Sometimes, even if we are at home, just NOT for running errands.

The smell you get from this luxurious perfume is a very resinous and spicy vibe from the very beginning. There are woods and flowers too and probably few herbs. This is absolutely an oriental spicy sweet and resinous creation and a mega mystery

If we attempt to name few notes, we dare to say that elemi/Olibanum, incense and pepper are present in the opening, which happened to be quite bright considering the nature of its name. This brightens up even more with a floral aspect that to our noses it smells like a fresh rose and narcissus . There is a tobacco nuance and a leathery vibe that becomes sweeter and as the times passes and in the middle of it, feels a lot denser.We could swear there is a clean musk which if we sniff it deep enough, it feels almost like an oriental soap. There is definitely a wood base  with vetiver, cedar accompanied by labdanum benzoin, vanilla and amber.
This will be the only time we do this to ourselves, trying to decipher the notes from a perfume of this magnitude that is done by an iconic name such as Antoine Lie, what a delusional attempt?
Anyways, the point of this post is just to share with all of you our experiences with Puredistance Black and if you want to see for yourself, go ahead and at least try it, you won’t be disappointed.
Hope you enjoy this post.

Thank you for stopping by and be safe

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