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January 28, 2022

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You can check our Podcast episode where we discussed in depth our thoughts on these two amazing perfumes from a house that really blew our mind last year 2021.

The French house of L’Arc Parfums is one of our favourite discoveries from last 2021. The way we measured this claim is simple. They have 10 Fragrances and 9 of them are olfactory triumphs. Considering this rating, we could write about the whole line, but that would take too long so we narrowed our selection down to two for this.

These are as great as the others but we find ourselves reaching out to them more often than not and that makes our life a little easier. The other beautiful thing here are their names, that when they are on full display, they sound like the beginning of a tale.

We will certainly come with more posts about the other remaining perfumes from the brand so stay tuned for that.

Let’s dive into “Aventure, Jasmin de Karnak” (we told you…their names are something special) This is a fruity floral perfume that has a powerful opening with a blast of peach and mandarin orange. It is really intense but always pleasant
The way this thing smells is divine and elegant. A perfume marketed for women but if you are open minded, it also smells amazing on a man.

One of the strongest features of Aventure is the “Sillage”. This is a scent that leaves a trail behind you like a veil of silky fruits that is suspended in the air  and stays there for a long time. Each time Maruša sprays this perfume before she goes to work,  the trail is easily detected after hours in the air, fascinating to say the least. It’s heart is where the flowers join in with intensity, with clear notes of Jasmine and Ylan Ylang and a healthy and intense powdery effect.
This perfume smells like a fruity floral Chypre at times, but there is no data of mossy notes. We don’t complain though, because we love Chypre vibes.
The base of Aventure is sweet and delicate, blending all of the above with vanilla, creamy sandalwood, more powder and clean musk.
Gentle, elegant and sensual  experience. A very natural feel and an outstanding performer.

The presentation of this perfume is beautiful and the two tone color of this bottle looks like a sunset.

Our second pick is Argentium, Halo de Lune, another beautiful perfume and a favourite of ours.
This is something we enjoy equally, regardless of its masculine tag.

A really evocative and smooth blend that takes you to orient for a ride and will leave you asking for more, no matter what type of perfume genre you are into, making Argentium one of the most versatile fragrances from the whole collection (Only our opinion though)

The smell you get from this perfume right from the first spray is a mix of ripen and juicy warm orange and cardamom that quickly adds a beautiful and smooth nutmeg accord. This is all just in the opening of Argentium, a gorgeous start.

A leathery vibe becomes apparent in the middle of this journey, probably due to the Saffron listed. This is masterfully blended and very creamy. We have to mentioned that the orange is present throughout the whole life of this perfume. A precious Oudh note appears from time to time but just to give an extra layer of dimension and not overpowering or whatsoever.

This is a spicy oriental delight and hands down, a signature scent worthy.

The performance of this fragrance is also excellent and the look of it is elegant, minimal and glorious with a beautiful blue matte finish and copper looking details. Gorgeous stuff and a perfect item to display in someone’s collection.

The prices of these fragrances are 179 Euros for Aventure and 190 Euros for Argentium. These are the official prices from their website.

Enjoy and thank you for your support by reading, listening and watching this and other posts.


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