Agatho Parfum Giardinodiercole

February 4, 2022

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Forest in a bottle

Here is another post from a house we knew about it but never had the chance to experience. Luckily for us, that changed last year 2021 when we managed to do a collaboration with the exclusive Italian niche perfume house “Agatho Parfum”

When we say exclusive, it is not just as an adjective of some sort. This is a house that once you look at it closer, you will understand why.

From their package, to their newer bottle, their handmade artistic cap, tons of details and the precious liquid inside. These are worthy of displaying.

This is a unisex perfume with some really interesting facets that works a little different when we tried it side by side. Meaning that we got a little different results regarding the smells and vibe from it.

To put this in perspective, we would have to write down the whole note breakdown but we will do that at the end of this post so you can see that Giardinodiercole is composed by many many notes.

This perfume is primarily fresh, and very aromatic in its opening, followed by a heart of spices and other aromatic elements and incense. The ending of the journey is with a woody and ambery base. The overall experience feels a lot like a forest in a bottle. That would summarise the whole vibe of this perfume…IN THEORY

So while we were sitting one next to the other, we just sprayed this perfume straight in the skin. No paper strips this time and the initial smell was quite the same for the first seconds. After that, this scent went in completely different ways. For example with Maruša this perfume starts fruity fresh and spicy but quickly transforms into a very ambery scent as with myself, this becomes almost immediately leathery, dusty, sweet and very smokey but always retaining that foresty touch. It is like wild forest, smokey berries, dusty cinnamon and leather….fascinating to say the least.

The forest effect as we call it, is always there but obviously at different intensities as the scent evolves.

There is another difference that is very apparent which is the aromatic lavender listed as to be at the top of the notes and on Maruša’s skin is barely detected but on my skin, it is very intense.

We have to also mention that we have done testings with this perfume on paper, and the results were quite the same. The magic happens on the skin and frankly, this is probably one of few perfumes that literally smells very different in our skin yet incredibly good, very unisex and highly versatile.

Performance is excellent but we encourage you to try it and see how it works on you.

To finish up this post, we have to go back to the presentation of this perfume.

If you are into collecting and if you care about looks, the box only from this fragrance is a work of art. The painting displayed in this box is really pretty and the copper nails that holds the plate in place adds to the mix a nice touch.

The cap is a ceramic piece that is done by hand and has a texture to it. Hand painted with some rusty look that gives the feeling of old iron being heated.

There are symbols and details all over the place and the bottle is ultra reflective and a fingerprint magnet which is a pain but you can clean it every time you hold it.

Check our Podcast episode where we discussed this perfume in more depth and in a more relaxed setup.

Notes according to the brand’s website:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Rhubarb, Juniper berries, Cistus Labdanum

Middle Notes: Incense, Pimento, Saffron, Black Pepper, Clary Sage

Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, Cashmeran, Labdanum, Amber, Musk, (There is a note mentioned as “Storace” and unfortunately we couldn’t find a translation for it)

Thank you for stopping by enjoy!


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