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February 11, 2022

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We finally took the time to sit down and discuss more in details the fragrances we have from the Luxurious StrangeLove NYC Ultra niche house and three of their offerings such as Silence the Sea, Melt my Heart and Fall into Stars.

The moment we got our hands on these perfumes, we knew immediately that a blast of luxury was about to happen. From the package to the bottle design and overall feel and without the need to be flashy or excessive with ornaments and what not. The extra “add-on” was the ultra rawness of the ingredients that according to the brand they are all natural, and of course according to our rookie noses, they feel pretty much like they say.

Luxurious StrangeLove NYC

Let’s just dive into the fragrances and allow us to start with the one that requires an open mind and a little bit of an attitude.

Here are the fragrances from Luxurious StrangeLove NYC

Silence the Sea is the most demanding from the three. This is to our nose, the most hyper realistic experience when it comes to perfumery, but again, we are only novices.

The journey with this perfume is the representation of the sea in its rawest form. A salty and warm blend of pure ambergris and other naturals that can feel incredibly animalic at times.

As usual, we will add the olfactory notes from the brand at the very end of this post.

If you like to walk by the sea shore at the sunset while looking the algae dancing as they dry and complete their life cycle, feeling the warm rocks under your feet as they are washed by the salty water with that warm breeze hitting your face and skin, then look no further, because that is exactly what we get with Silence the Sea.

It doesn’t matter if winter or summer, or if you are in the city or the countryside, just one spray of this perfume and you will be taken to that scenario in a second, it is THAT realistic.

The second experience we want to share with you is caused by Melt My Heart, a gourmand’s dream. An elixir of elegant, smooth, sensual and creamy notes that can serve you as a soothing and even as a therapeutical tool or as a second garment of class and seduction.

This is an odyssey that everyone loves, but careful with that sprayer, because this perfume opens with a very intense blast of dark chocolate, orris and precious woods. This is also borderline sour in its initial opening, but only takes a minute or two to become one of the most addictive perfumes that we know in this category. It’s power last forever and it is very unisex. We would recommend this one for the colder days, specially for those cuddling evenings…it never fails.

Finally, the strongest and boldest of them all, at least from these three. The one and only Fall into Stars.

This perfume has a very tender name but unleashes an incredible and powerful opening. Good lord this thing is dense, rich and lasts forever. Once you get familiar with the fragrance and accept its overpowering grandiosity, you will be rewarded with joy.

This is a perfume that once you pass the initial blast of Rosewood, Indian Oud and the other naturals, it will really startle your soul.

The first stage is very loud, sour and depending on your taste, it can become very unapologetic.

From the middle stages and to the very drydown, is where the magic happens.

It is very smokey, spicy and flowery. It is almost like ashes and booze and flowers and always with that sour edge. An incredible scent and a monster performer that will set you apart during the colder days.

These perfumes are “ultra niche” in our book at least. Natural ingredients blended to a perfect artistry by French perfumer Christophe Laudamiel.

StrangeLove NYC has a very interesting story to learn from, so please go and check their website for more information. Things such as the people behind the brand, what they do to sustain their production of raw materials, prices and much more.

Notes according to the brand:

Silence The Sea: Pure Ambergris, Oud, Chamomile, Narcissus, Tuberose, Mimosa, Musk, White Truffle, Anngelica.

Melt my Heart: Pure Orris butter, Oud, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Magnolia, Sage, Ginger, Mandarin, Dark Chocolate.

Fall Into Star: Jonquil nectar, pure Indian Oud, Rosewood, Amber, Pink Peppercorn.

Check our Podcast episode where we talked more in depth about them:

Check our YouTube video we made with StrangeLove’s Silence The Sea:

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