Visiteur Parfum

February 18, 2022

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Visiteur Parfum

Visiteur Parfum and a little intro

Visiteur Parfum is another post we have been holding on for some time. The reason was simply because we wanted to include a Podcast episode where we could talk to someone from the Swedish house which happens to be one of the great discoveries from last 2021, and guess what, we got really lucky and had the great opportunity to talk to Janne Rainer Vuorenmaa, owner of the brand.

Check out our conversation (link down at the end of this post) so you can learn a little bit about the “behind the scenes” and other interesting facts about Visiteur Parfum.

Visiteur Parfum is a fairly new niche fragrance house from Sweden that we discovered last 2021. They have three perfumes and each one of them packs life stories and contrasts. These perfumes are done by three very talented perfumers and they smell very unique.

We will tell you a little bit about each one of the perfumes and share with you our thoughts, some background stories that we learned from the owner and who is the perfumer behind each creation.

The first one is Thousand Lakes which was done by perfumer Marie Schnirer. This perfume is also the most personal fragrance to its conceptual creator, one that describes memories of childhood and family vacations where a Swedish/Finish heritage gathered to warm up by the steamy heat from a Finish sauna and quickly contrasted with the cold waters of the surrounding lake.

The smell of birch leaves, grass and wet stones contrasted by smoke, steam and some animalic leather notes which are listed amongst others.

This fragrance is relaxing, green and even realistic when it comes to the sauna part. The contrast with the water/lake comes more with the fresh vibe that appears mostly in the beginning of this journey. Thousand Lakes is complex and it can be challenging, but not to us. We really enjoy this one as it covers the need and love that Maruša has for the greenish vibe and sauna aspects. Myself, i am all up for this type of animalic punch so i am in me element.

This one is perfect for autumn, spring or for some meditation during the cold of winter.

The second perfume on this list is Beach Bizarre, done by perfumer Patrice Revillard and another fragrance that reveals a vacation memory of Janne, only this time the memory goes to the Caribbean.

These is a perfume that contrasts between the bright and sweet flower elements and delicious fruits that describes a day in a tropical beach with a sudden change to a night that unveils the salty notes, seaweeds and cannabis.

Very accurate description if you smell Beach Bizarre.

To us, we just get the bright part of it as this perfume screams a colourful summer with a lot of salt, tropical fruits and cannabis. Of course, there is some flower vibe as well but overall, this perfume is a summer grab and a damned good one.

Perfect for the heat of summer or spring but at home it is an all year round.

Finally, the kinky one and the most contrasty of the three.

Cabaret nocturne was done by perfumer Cecile Zarokian and was inspired by a night out in Lisbon Portugal in a trendy place where a bachelor party took place. What they didn’t know was that the place had a history that dates to a 100 years ago where sailors from the city used to go to have a drink and a night of pleasure as that very place used to work as a brothel.

So the ambient on that bachelor night where the smell of gin and cigarettes mixed with the skin’s odour from the club goers gave the clever idea to contrast with the heavy powder and tuberouse smell used to describe the female workers of that old era…What a story!

What we get from this perfume though is a blast of powder and a “sweat like” vibe due to powder (makeup accord), a lot of cumin and animalic notes. There is an indolic type of tuberose which makes this experience a dirty one in the most sensual way.

The gin and orange accord are the resemblance of a cocktail and the tobacco is present as well but more like a wet leaf than the smokey type. This perfume speaks femininity but don’t be fooled because this is a very unisex scent that has a lasting power and it will make you re-think about your spraying techniques. This one is a winter and autumn beast that can be tamed in spring as well.

The presentation and bottle design are top notch, with a heavy and minimal glass bottle and a printed area related to each perfume story. A solid black cap and a nice sprayer are part of the features, all which comes packed in a simple and organic cardboard box.

These bottles are 75ml of delicious eau de Parfum concentration (They also have samples available so check their website for more information)

Check our Podcast episode where we talked more in depth about VISITEUR:

The olfactory notes according to their official Visiteur website are:

Thousand Lakes: Birch Leaf, Vegetal accord, Black currant, Mineral accord, Rhubarb, Warm woods, Musk, Smoke, Leather, Steam.

Beach Bizarre: Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Lime, Tropical Fruit, Sea salt, Seaweed, Cumin, Cannabis, Patchouli, Ambergris.

Cabaret Nocturne: Gin accord, Pink pepper, Orange, Smoke, Sandalwood, Powdery notes, Tuberose, Tobacco, Cumin, Animalic notes.

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