The best Chypre Fragrance

February 25, 2022

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Al Shareef Oudh QUBRUS

An insight to The best Chypre Fragrance

The exclusive perfume house of Al Shareef Oudh is located in Perth Australia.

According to their website, there are 4 perfumes available to the world and other fascinating things like Attars, Oudh oils, Incenses, Resins and Wood chips. A whole array of middle eastern olfactory treasures of the highest quality.

As well, Al Shareef Oudh has a rich history of heritage and family background when it comes to their perfumery techniques.

In the other hand, all of that was only a visual treat for us as we didn’t know or try anything from them before, until now.

The best Chypre Fragrance

Qubrus, is a new release from Al Shareef Oudh and it is the Arabic term for Cypress, so yes, this is a Chypre fragrance.

The way we knew about these type of perfumes was based on the French versions that are available since 1917 and are still produced even to this day.

Chypre composition is probably one of our favourite perfume genre and we always thought about it as the most elegant thing to enjoy, but that change the moment we tried Qubrus

This perfume showed us another layer and dimension from a Chypre, a layer that existed far back in time, and when we say back, we mean centuries back.

History has already been written, and of course, we didn’t bring anything new to the table, but in the process we learned that this type of perfumery has a history that dates back to 649, where different techniques and tools were used to produce perfumes like Qubrus, quite an eye opening fact for us in this learning curve of perfume exploration.

We were very fortunate to get some this historical data straight from Al Shareef, as he took the time to share some of that information with us about this perfume and other things fragrance related which was a humbling experience.

All the information and other interesting facts about this exclusive and ultra luxurious house can be found in their webpage

Regarding the olfactory journey for us regarding Qubrus, it goes like this:

The first seconds of the opening are all about delicate rose petals, sweet neroli and smooth earthy patchouli, the next one to join the blend is a smokey Oudh which is out of this world and stays throughout the whole life of this perfume but at a different levels of intensity.

The middle of Qubrus smells a bit leathery and resinous. The floral and sweet undertone is present throughout all the stages of this perfume as well, but always very smooth, elegant and sensual.

The dry down of this perfume is incredibly addictive with the revealing notes of musk, vetiver and oakmoss.

The performance and versatility are outstanding here. This last for a really long time and can be enjoyed all year round.

A unisex olfactory gem and a statement of pure luxury and elegance.

If we can get our hands in some Attars and other offerings from Al Shareef Oudh, we will come again and tell you all about it but for now, we hope you have enjoyed this post about Qubrus.

Don’t forget to check more about QUBRUS in our Podcast

Notes according to Al Shareef Oudh:

Top: Rose, Patchouli, Neroli

Middle: Labdanum, Luban, Musk

Base: Oakmoss, Oudh, Vetiver

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