Nathalie Feisthauer

March 22, 2022

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Legendary Master Perfumer

Intro to Legendary Master Perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer

This was the case with the elegant and beautiful perfume Cuir Cavalier from the French house of MDCI. That was a perfume that once we smelled it, we understood that we were in front of something regal, something done with artistry and class, something by the hand of a master perfumer that has the ability to create a timeless piece of olfactory delight with simplicity and a French spirit.

That is how we found out about Nathalie Feisthauer, a master perfumer based in Paris, owner of her own little paradise LABscent and a perfumer with an incredible background in perfumery.

From smelling the aroma of crushed leaves and flowers from her moms garden, to learning the skills from some of the greatest names in the game and spending an important period of her life in New York, Nathalie has developed a style that to our opinion, it has become a legend.

Legendary Master Perfumer

The fragrances that she has done and we have in our collection are all great and all of them have that D.N.A. of French perfection “a la Feisthauer”

The perfumes that we have and cherish from Nathalie are:


Cuir Cavalier, a perfume that as we stated before, it blew our minds in ways we didn’t expect. This is one of the most beautiful velvety Rose, Leather and Oud that we have in our collection. There are notes of Honey, Saffron, Cypriol and much much more. This is elegant and very loud. We don’t want to tag a gender here but this one is very manly.

L’Aimee, an incredibly complex floral bouquet with Citruses, Fruits, Flowers, Moss and many more beautiful notes that it would be better to experience instead of reading about.

L’Homme Aux Gants, a perfume with elegance and class that features Vanilla, Tonka bean, Nutmeg, Cypriol, Woods, Floral touches and much more. One that is adored by many.


These three beautiful fragrances from the German house of Alendor are equally amazing.

Silence, a blend of Cedar wood, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Tonka bean, Musks and more. This one is very classic and traditional masculine perfume. this ones screams “fougere” all the way…timeless.

Taboo, or the Grapefruit delight as we call it. Beautiful fresh and woodsy fragrance that despite its masculine tag, it is very unisex and very uplifting with notes of Cardamom, Black Currant, Oakmoss and many others.

Wild Night and as the name implies, is the Wild one. A sexy and sensual Tobacco with a juicy feeling and notes of Mate, sweet Tonka, Geranium, Calamus and Vetiver.

The notes in all these three fragrances sound simple in structure, but in reality, they feel complex and rewarding.


XII- is the last fragrance from our list and also from the Magnificent XII collection, a name given by the Dutch perfume house to one of the most memorable perfumes available to the world. This one was the perfume that gave Nathalie the opportunity to bring her own vision of what a flower bouquet should smell like if she could bring the times of Le Belle Époque to these current days and the results are fascinating. A blast of Flowers, Mandarine Organge, Spices like Cardamom and a vast list of ingredients that are ultra rich and natural, very Puredistance style.

We have done some research about other fragrances that she has created for other brands. Fragrances that on paper look more avant-garde, but we will have to wait and see once we try them to tell you more on that matter.

The best part of this story is that we had the opportunity to talk to Nathalie. She was our remote guest to our Podcast and it was awesome:

What an amazing time we had as we learned a little about her life story, her beginnings and her current projects. It was a humbling experience and an honour for us to talk with this legendary perfumer.

We won’t spoiled too much as we would prefer that you listen to the master herself in our Podcast episode. An episode that we will always remember with joy.

Thank you Nathalie Feisthauer for your time and great spirit.

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