Sarah Baker

April 18, 2022

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This is going to be our first Blog post about a name/brand that we aren’t familiar with most of their perfumes. In fact we have smelled only one from their highly concentrated extrait de parfum line (Charade) and from their Eau the parfum collection, we had the fortune to get two of their fragrances (Symmetry & Bascule…but more of that later)

What we knew about Sarah Baker was that she was behind some artistic projects of glamorous fashion films of true visual delight.  There is something magical abut watching films that transport you in time. Period piece films with elements of glam, deep red lipstick, Shiny outfits, etc. All of that wrapped around that specific colour palette that pays homage to those soap operas from the early 80’s. The era of Joan Collins as “Alexis Colby” in Dynasty or Sheryl Lee as “Laura Palmer” in Twin Peaks.

So when you see some of the film work that Sarah Baker has created, you will clearly see that tribute and style done with grace.

That was one reason we wanted to know about her even if we didn’t know the smell of all of her perfumes. Because we are also 80’s kids and film junkies.

In the last episode of our Podcast: The Blurry Note, we were very fortunate to have Sarah Baker as our guest so please go and check it out, we promise you will enjoy it.

This American born artist, creative director and perfumer behind her brand and based in London for the last 20 years has created some very interesting perfumes. There are two different collections with two different looks and concentrations but at the same time with the same name, hers.

The first one is the luxurious Extrait de parfum, collection that has a distinctive shape and color.

There is a red color in those bottles that pays a tribute to the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, where Sarah and her father used to drive together at a young age. The logo on both collections though, it is also a memory from her past, inspired by an amusement park where her dad used to work while she was little. So if you think about it, whenever you get a perfume from Sara Baker, you are holding a piece from her personal and loving memories.

From the Extrait de parfum collection, we have smelled only one perfume. The only reason we didn’t test before was because we didn’t have any access to them here in Slovenia and honestly, we didn’t see it in any of our trips before the pandemic. The only perfume we had the luck to try was Charade, and this was through a friend that happened to own this perfume so when we met one day to do some perfume samplings, we got the chance to smell it.

This was a perfume that was amazing, super loud and very intoxicating as we remember, but we are not going to go into details because it is just impossible after sampling only once and on a paper strip. But if you we asking yourself if this had to do also with cinema? The answer is yes, as this is a perfume inspired by the famous romance/mystery flick Charade starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

The other reason we didn’t talk about that line too much is because we create our own visuals with the perfumes we have, so we don’t feel comfortable using Sarah Baker’s images from her official catalog (Besides the ones you see on this post of her who were kindly provided by herself), but if you want to know more about them, please go to her website and you will see what we mean with looks and olfactory pyramids.

Important thing is to let you know that from that Extrait de parfum line, there are 9 perfumes and they come in 50ml of highly concentrated juice.

From the Eau de Parfum collection, what she told us was that these are also highly concentrated perfumes but with a more “cologne” approach. So you cann expect something more fresher and vibrant which in our opinion, they totally are but as  written before, we have only two of them.

Bascule for example, it represents a part of an equestrian exercise. When the horse jumps over an obstacle, the arch on its back its called that name, Bascule. But that is the technical part, because the beautiful part is that this perfume is inspired by Charlotte Casiraghi riding her horse and being all fabulous while doing it.

But to us, this is all about the horse, a very animalic leather note, tobacco, beautiful notes of peach, fresh grass, hay and Lilly of the valley. An amazing performance and unisex too. The nose behind this one is Ashley Eden Kessler.

Symmetry on the other hand is a perfume that features Oud and citruses. A very interesting blend that one may think about it as a warm and dark scent, but it’s quite the opposite. Done masterfully by perfumer Chris Maurice and surprisingly perfect for the hot days. 

Here there is Oud, neroli, petitgrain, bergamot, some musks and amber as well among other notes. This is an amazing Oud fragrance and quite versatile as well, and as Sarah said herself in our Podcast, this is a more cologne type of Oud. But don’t expect it to be a westernised type of Oud because it is not. This one starts a little bit animalic but quickly will blend with the other notes, becoming the gem that it is.

So here is where we end our post about Sarah Baker, but if you want to hear about the other good stuff regarding films like projects for Versace, the inspiration from Gucci, an upcoming book and also a perfume that is coming up, please head over to our Podcast and find out all about it

Sarah Baker & Helena Christensen for the short film “Baroness” for the Versace Holiday Saga

You will also find a lot to read from her website

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  1. Mike says:

    I hope you are well and hope to hear new podcast episodes soon!

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