November 7, 2022

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One of the discoveries we had in Milan, last Esxence 2022 was the French perfume house of Pont des Arts Paris.

Before that, we only knew them by name and by images.

At some point in our lives we did some researching about brands with an ultra classic and traditional French vibe, and Pont des Arts was one that always appeared in those searches.

While walking the corridors and visiting the exhibitor’s stands on that perfume event, we found the place where this luxurious brand was. That day we had a little chat with Geraldine Siouffi who with her husband, Bernard Siouffi, are the owners of this prestigious French perfume name.

Geraldine and Bernard Siouffi

After the event was over and after a long drive back to Slovenia, we left everything in “standby” to clear our minds and give our noses a break. After the overwhelming amount of perfumes that we tried during those days in Milan, to take a break was really needed.

The design of Pont des Art caps. (Image provided by the brand)

So few days later we came back to the samples that Geraldine gave to us, and after smelling them we concluded that they were all great and also exactly what we were expecting them to be. A Very traditional French style perfumes.

They were Classic, Chic, you name it.

“A Ce Soir” was beautiful and the other ones as well, but one that stood out the most was their floral Chypre “A Chaque Instant”

This perfume was an instant love. It had such an impact that it became a favourite and a top 3 best Chypre of all time in our collection. A bold statement for sure, but an honest one.

This is a perfume created by Bertrand Duchaufour and if you have the opportunity to smell it (and if you know his work) you will see that this is another masterpiece created by this French perfumeur. An absolute beauty of a scent.

It is very interesting that this perfume was originally created by him for his wife and that will make you think of “A Chaque Instant” as a feminine fragrance, but we can tell you safely that this is an elegant perfume that will make a simple man smell like a timeless gentleman.

Bertrand Duchaufour is behind most of their creations but there is another perfumer in the Pont des Arts family named Vincent Grandjon.

When is comes to design and presentation, Pont des Art has it all. The brand is inspired by one of the most famous bridges in Paris, by love, romance and art.

The presentation of their perfumes is elegant, classic, minimal and a great taste.

Hope you can get to experience their perfumes. They will leave an impression for sure.

This was the reason that we got back to Pont des Art and ask them if they could share a little bit more of their history while being in our podcast and luckily for us, they agreed.

You can check our Podcast episode with special guest Geraldine Siouffi, one of the owners and creators of Pont Des Art Paris

A lot of interesting things were spoken that day but we will leave you the link to check it out.

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