PARFUMS DUSITA: Amazing scents

December 26, 2022

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artistic expression of niche perfumery

Introduction to Parfums Dusita

The house of Parfums Dusita Paris is an artistic expression of niche perfumery that mixes the elements of poetry and painting…to name a few.

The founder, artist and perfumer behind the brand is Pissara Umavijani who has a wide knowledge in different art forms. 

Besides being a perfumer, she is also a painter and has a great understanding of reading and poetry. This is because of the big influence that she has from her father, a poet and a world traveler with many stories to tell.

Pissara has her own lab in the centre of Paris so you can imagine that the inspiration for perfume creations are all over the place. You just need the skills to translate those into olfactory experiences, which in this case, Pissara has that covered. 

She is also the person who creates the artwork that you see in Parfums Dusita packaging. A tasteful visual art created with watercolour technique by the perfumer. 


Important note: We have seen the packages in person while we were in Exsence Milan 2022 and saw a couple of the designs mentioned in this post so we know how they look like. Unfortunately we couldn’t make our own photography with the artwork and therefore we can’t show you the details from them as we received a tester 50ML bottle of La Douceur the Siam and a 15 ML bottle of Montri, both without original packaging.

When it comes to the fragrances and by the time we are writing this post, Parfums Dusita has available 14 perfumes on their website. This number includes Eau de Parfum for the most part and also few of them as an Extract de Parfum concentration.

We have to point out that one of them was officially  announced to be discontinued (Oudh Infini) which is a sad news as this one had already a “cult” status among the perfume connoisseur and collectors. But on the other hand, this decision speaks volume of the integrity of the company, because the main reason was because of shortage of some of their natural ingredients so they wouldn’t  compromise the quality and opulence that Oudh Infini was known for. 

La Douceur de Siam

We had the opportunity to talk and interview Pissara in the 2022 Esxence where we also tried most of her fragrances which were great.

That was the reason we decided to reach out and ask her if she could share more about her brand in our Podcast. Things such as her beginnings, inspirations, mindset and more were some of the topics we discussed with her.

If you didn’t know or try Parfums Dusita, we highly encourage you to do so. You won’t be disappointed and you will smell divine.

What is the Meaning Behind the Name Dusita? That and much more you can check in our Podcast episode with Pissara Umavijani here:

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