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January 10, 2023

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Here are our favourite coffee blends and the ways we prepare them

A little context to our story with The Best Specialty Coffee

These last few months, we just started experimenting with The Best Specialty coffee and new methods of extraction so we decided to share these with you. 

We have tried many different methods and devices for coffee extraction such as Moka Pot, Turkish coffee kettle, V60, Kemex and few others.

After some time, we ended up buying and using only three of them. These three were chosen based on practicality and most importantly, on the flavour and aroma that we get out of them.

The best specialty coffee

If you are interested in this topic or if you want to explore the realm of specialty coffee we will provide the links to where we bought our things so you can check them out.

This will be our first list of favourite specialty coffee blends and devices but as we continue exploring the vast array of blends, devices and methods of extraction, we will update this list in the near future so stay tuned!

As a disclaimer, all the items on this list were bought with our own money so no “freebies”. But This post contains some affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thank you.

All the images/videos of the products on this post are done by us and with our own goodies.

Dark roasted coffee beans that packs an incredible aroma and when they are grinded, the flavours will be delicious!
Aroma is crucial when it comes to specialty coffee

You can check our Podcast episode where we discuss all about our experience with specialty coffee in the link below:

The gear:

The Hight Tech one:

The Phillip LatteGo Series 2200 model EP2231/40:

This machine offers the options to prepare Cappuccino, Espresso and also filtered/dripped coffee. It has its own grinder that you can adjust to taste and it also has the option to get some boiling filtered water for those who love a cup of tea.

The programs that come with it are great and very adjustable in regards the amount of coffee and the amount of water that you desire.

Not a bad device and quite heavy for its size which is perfect to keep it in place without wobbling around.

The variety of options from The Phillip LatteGo Series 2200 model EP2231/40 is perfect for home use and wil make you feel like a coffee barista.
Everything what you need for a great cup of coffee

Get yours here:

The analog ones:

The trusty affordable Aeropress:

This simple device is the one that can get the best of a good coffee blend when it comes to flavour and aroma. The downside is that you will need few items to maximise the outcome. A digital scale, a kettle and a grinder are a must. The later one you can skip it and just tell your coffee shop to grind it for you.

There is a huge variety of “recipes” for the Aeropress but we don’t have time for that. There is a simple formula to get the best out of it and that is 11grs of fine coarse coffee per 200 ml of boiling water. Wait 2 minutes and press the pump and you are good to go. Simple yet effective.

The Aeropress is a humble device that produces some of the best coffee flavours and aroma. We love our Aeropress!
The Aeropress is simple, portable and gets amazing results.

Get yours by clicking HERE

The traditional Turkish coffee pot:

This is maruša’s “go to” device when there is not a lot of time to set machines or filter devices. This can be prepared very quick and in a large amount while still tasting good.

Unfortunately our coffee pot needs a replacement so we decided not to take a photo of it…looks a bit “unpresentable”

Few Gadgets:

Scale: This scale is nothing fancy but it does the job and it is necessary to make the different types of coffee recipes when it comes to drippers such as Aeropress, V60, Kemex, etc. We bought this one at our local store but you can get yours here.

If you will adventure into the world of specialty coffee and in home extraction methods,then a digital scale is a must have.
A scale is a must for nailing the amount of coffee when it comes to the different recipes

Grinder: This one is from Timemore and it’s the C2 Chestnut Series. A great grinder with some good options to grind your coffee beans up to taste. Also it has a good price for what it does and looks really cool.

The Timemore Chestnut C2 is a safe buy and a best "bang for your buck"  manual coffee grinder. Easy to use and very easy to tune.
The Chestnut C2 coffee grinder from Timemore. A good option for starting the coffee journey.

Get your Coffee Grinder by clicking HERE

Coffee Measuring Cup: For the purpose of making filtered coffee , this is a must to have for nailing the different coffee recipes. We got ours also at the local shop

A water measuring jar is also a key item to have when it comes to prepare your favourite coffee extraction.
Cheap jug that does the job

The coffee Blends and where we got them:

From Stow Coffee Roasters:

Samii Bensa, a blend from Ethiopia which is roasted and sold by the skilful and knowledgeable people who work in that shop.

This one we buy it with full beans but we set the machine grinder ourselves.

It is also the only blend that we use in the machine because of how good it taste as Cappuccino, Espresso or filtered coffee. Very versatile indeed.

This blend is very aromatic and super tasty. It features touches of Mango Juice, Papaya, Sweet lemon and Honey. An instant favourite.

Ethiopian coffee blend Samii Bensa from Stow Coffee Roasters is one of our favorite blends for our  Phillip LatteGo Series 2200 model EP2231/40
It tastes amazing!
This is one of ur favourite blends from Stow Coffee Roasters

-Finca San Sebastián from Costa Rica, features caramelised almonds, cocoa, apricot and peach.

This one is perfectly balanced when it comes to fruitiness  and nuttiness. For the Aeropress or any other filter device, this coffee is an absolute winner.

If you are seeking for flavour and caffeine kick, then this is a great choice.

We bought these two amazing blends in

Finca San Sebastian coffee blend from Stow Coffee Roasters is our preferred coffee selection for the Aeropress. So great when it comes to taste and aroma.
Finca San Sebastian tastes amazing if extracted in devices such as the V60 and Kemex as well

Here is a video we made with Peter Šavič, the trainer at Stow Coffee Academy where he skillfully showed us how to prepare a delicious coffee using the Origami dripper set

From Mariposa Coffee Roasters:

Poezija, a blend that mixes coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia and its roasted by themselves.

They promote Poezija as a way to start in the world of specialty coffee. They also suggest that it is a good option for the Turkish style coffee, Espresso or for automatic coffee makers and we agree with that.

The blend features cocoa, roasted almonds and berries. It has a good balance of nuttiness, acidity and fruitiness. An “easy peasy” one.

We bought ours at

Poezija from Mariposa Coffee Roasters feels like an "entry level" type of blend. We usually use this one when we just want to grab a quick black coffee on a moka Pot or  turkish style coffee.
Poezija is an easy blend that delivers a good aroma and a good taste

From Črno Zrno Specialty Coffee:

La Primavera, a Colombian blend that is just perfect when you seek a full body flavour profile without going too acidic. This one is delicious when it comes to Aeropress and probably with all the other methods of extraction but that is just a personal opinion.

This coffee has labeled aromas of Cherry, Caramel, Strawberry, Oranges, Roses and tea notes and it smells divine.

If you go to enjoy a coffee at Črno Zrno, you will be greeted with knowledge by the owner and the staff that works there which is awesome.

We got ours at

La Primavera coffee from Čro Zrno is another amazing blend that we exclusively use on the Aeropress. Fantastic flavour and aroma.
La Primavera is one of our favourites to extract with the Aeropress. Tasty stuff and amazing aroma.

To finish this post, we can safely say that we are enjoying and learning every day more about the different aspects of Specialty coffee but without going too deep into the rabbit hole. This can be an endless road when it comes to methods, blends, gear and so on but at the end, its all about joy and simplicity.

Freshly home brewed "bean to cup" coffee is the best coffee.
A freshly brewed coffee, simply wonderful

If you are in the search for the best coffee extraction, we recommend you to go to your local coffee roasters and ask if they can give you to try the different methods and offerings. Based on that, you can make your mind and get what you need to impress your loved ones with a full experience of having a delicious cup of coffee.

Don’t forget to check our podcast episode where we talked about our journey with specialty coffee. We even discussed about the perfumes we wear that has coffee as an olfactive note.

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