February 15, 2023

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Today is the time to share our thoughts on The Best Winter Shoes Ideas. Specifically what we are currently wearing during the cold days. 

Before we were focused in the “the fluffier the better” type of shoes but with the latest technology regarding fabrics, that concept became more or less obsolete (at least to us).

When we look for the perfect shoe, we based our search on few key points.

The first one being the comfort (this point is not negotiable) As we are mostly on our feet throughout the whole day, the cushiony feeling is a must.

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The Best Winter Shoes Ideas

The second point is material. For us, the shoe has to be built with materials that are durable, if possible, lighter in weight and even better if they are  waterproof in some way.

The third point would be the design and look of the shoe and here it is very different because of obvious reasons, despite the gender, we have different taste.

Filling Pieces Winter shoes. Super cool!

In this post we will tell you our thoughts about why these winter shoes are the ones that made it to our list and also a brief description of each pick.

In this list you will also find:

  • Brand name
  • Type of shoe & model
  • Type of material
  • Sizing
  • Links to each brand
  • Links to where we bought it from
  • Price

Here are our thoughts and picks of the best winter shoes 2023 edition:


For me, comfort goes above everything else when it comes to choose new winter shoes.

I am a fan of low top shoes mainly, first because of how comfortable they usually are and second, because of my height. Being a tall woman is not very handy when comes to high heels.

I love wearing sneakers of different shapes and colours. I like breathable materials, shoes that fit well. Shoes that i can walk long distances and wear them all day long even when working.

Chelsea boots are the latest type of shoes that i adore. They are so practical, easy to put on and off and very good to wear. I could say, pure perfection.

Another great ones are higher boots. Warm, trendy, great for walking, matching with pants, skirts & dresses…amazing. A must have in my closet 🙂

With the minimalism came also the decluttering of shoes, so i decided to keep just few pieces so here are 4 of my favourite shoes:


Veja Campo Suede winter shoes from Veja. Suede cuties from Maruša

The Veja Campo Suede are a low cut sneaker with a minimal design. It is constructed in Suede with an Amazonian rubber logo on their side and a recycled rubber sole. Despite being the low cut design, they are quite comfortable and very warm . The colour of choice was sand and white which fit perfectly when going for a casual setup.

  • Brand: Veja
  • Type of shoe: Low Cut Sneaker
  • Model: Campo Suede Dune White
  • Type of material: Suede, Chrome free leather, Amazonian Rubber and Rice waste
  • Sizing: 41 (Women size)
  • Link to brand:
  • Buy them HERE
  • Price: 173 USD


Filling Pieces Kyoto Radar Croc Pastel. Super luxurious sneaker winter shoes

The Kyoto Radar Croc Pastel from Filling Pieces are a unique and luxurious looking shoes. At a first glance they may look sturdy, but once they are in your feet, these shoes are incredibly comfortable and good looking.

The “Croc effect” Leather, textile materials and a Synthetic sole are worked to perfection with these ones. A gorgeous design indeed but quite pricey.

  • Brand: Filling Pieces
  • Type of shoe: Low Cut Sneaker
  • Model: Kyoto Radar Croc Pastel
  • Type of material: Leather, Textile & Synthetic
  • Sizing: 40 (Women size)
  • Link to brand: https:
  • We bought this from:
  • Price: 360 EUR


Another Boot from UGG that meets comfort and design in a chelsea style. These are the Ashton Boot winter shoes

Ugg nailed it with their Ashton Chelsea boots. These can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts, dress, etc, making them a versatile choice to step in.

They are very comfortable, light weight and waterproof which is awesome. A nice addition to the winter shoe selection.

This tall boot is made of waterproof full grain leather, microfibres, textile and synthetic rubber. They are a joy to wear.

  • Brand: UGG
  • Type of shoe: Tall Boot
  • Model: Ashton Chelsea Boot
  • Type of material: Waterproof Full grain Leather, Textile, Microfibers & Synthetic
  • Sizing: 40 (Women size)
  • Link to brand: https:
  • Buy them HERE
  • Price: 165 EUR


Gant Frenny are the most worn Chelsea boot 2023 winter shoes. Very comfortable boot and very versatile

Gant Frenny Chelsea Boots are surprisingly comfortable and lightweight. These are great when paired with jeans or casual pants and warm as well.

They are made out of Suede, Leather, Fabric and rubber and the colour is a perfect combination of sand, ash and brown. These are probably at the top of this list in terms of wear.

  • Brand: Gant
  • Type of shoe: Mid Chelsea Boot
  • Model: Frenny Chelsea Boot
  • Type of material: Suede, Leather, Fabric & Rubber
  • Sizing: 41 (Women size)
  • Link to brand: https:
  • Buy them HERE
  • Price: 76 EUR


Whether i am editing, cooking or going out to do the groceries, I spend 90% of my days standing up (Yes, i edit while standing up) so i really needed to have something comfortable on my feet so the following pieces meet my expectations.

These are my picks:


Retro sneaker with a minimal design and super comfortable, the Filling Pieces Mid Ace Spin are a favourite sport shoe as winter shoes

The Mid Ace Spin from Filling Pieces are the perfect sneaker for those who love a retro style shoe. The design is old school and minimal while being comfortable and warm. The holes are not poked all the way through so they can be worn with confidence if the weather gets cold. Premium Nappa leather and simplistic details make this retro model a must have. 

The only downside is the rather high price tag.

  • Brand: Filling Pieces
  • Type of shoe: Tennis Shoe
  • Model: Mid Ace Spin
  • Type of material: Nappa Leather & Rubber
  • Sizing: 44 (Men size)
  • Link to brand: https:
  • We bought this from:
  • Price: 260 EUR
Elements photos


These sorel Explorer Mission Boots are incredibly well constructed, waterproof, comfy and with a badass design.

Sorel Explorer Mission Boot is the most comfortable thing you can have on your feet. These boots are made out of Suede and Nylon, they are warm, waterproof and super cushiony. A delight to wear and walk with and they look awesome with that Ashy/Sandy tone…Love them.

  • Brand: Sorel
  • Type of shoe: Mid Boot
  • Model: Explorer Mission Boot
  • Type of material: Waterproof Suede, Ballistic Nylon, Textile, Rubber
  • Sizing: 44.5 (Men size)
  • Link to brand:
  • Buy them HERE
  • Price: 133 EUR


Super light sneaker boot, the Sorel Mac Hill Lite Trace are also waterproof and they feel like you are walking on cotton. Super comfortable and versatile

The Mac Hill Lite Trace Boot from Sorel is more like a sneaker/boot hybrid and it is phenomenal. The built is out of Waterproof textile and Suede, Waterproof membrane and Rubber. These ones are very light and incredibly comfortable and also look great with some jeans. Sorel is doing an amazing job in the “comfortable” department!

  • Brand: Sorel
  • Type of shoe: High Top Sneaker/Boot
  • Model: Mac Hill Lite Trace Boot
  • Type of material: Waterproof textile, Waterproof Suede & Rubber
  • Sizing: 44.5 (Men size)
  • Link to brand:
  • Buy them HERE
  • Price: 160 EUR

Check our YouTube video down below where we are wearing the shoes so you can have an idea of how they fit and look on foot…Enjoy!

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