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March 1, 2023

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About Superfumista; When we talk about unisex fragrances, the first thing that comes to mind is that a perfume can be worn by a man and a woman. These fragrances are usually made with olfactive notes that can be pleasing to her or his nose in a balanced way so in this case, there should be enough flowers but not enough that you will smell like a garden or enough leather that she will smell like a horse seat 🙂

This is more to articulate the description and not for the discussion of “i am a man and i like flowers” or “i am a woman and i like leather”. That is for another topic in another post.

This is one of the perfumes we have created with the help of the App Superfumista. A super sensual scent
Bespoke fragrance “Our Blurry Note” with a bright cap & pink ribbon for Maruša

Superfumista Revelation 🙂

When we discovered what they do at the Parisienne perfume atelier of Superfumista, we had the opportunity to create our own fragrance through their innovative App. Yes, you read it right, we created a perfume with niche quality through an App but what we wanted to share is that our fragrance concept wasn’t your regular “unisex” idea but more about a perfume that includes both gender aspects and a final act of them being together.

Superfumista App. A great way to craft your bespoke signature scent

This perfume needed to have a subtle feminine opening but balances enough to be worn by a man, a masculine middle act that a woman could wear with confidence and the end should be carnal and sexy so we both could feel this fragrance that at the end was the representation of love as a couple.

The wooden caps can be chosen by you among few options. These are done by hand by a Parisienne wood artisan
You can choose a wooden handcrafted cap done by a Parisienne artisan

The idea itself was crazy but to make this perfume remotely between Slovenia and Paris through an App was even crazier.

Long story short we can safely say that this endeavour was a success!

Superfumista is an App that will let you be the main character when constructing a perfume. Ideally you should know about olfactory notes and what you really want but in the case that you don’t know any of that, French perfumer and owner of Superfumista Benjamin Sachs will guide you through the whole process and will provide you with some samples of your perfume before you give him the green light to finish your Bespoke fragrance.

At the end, besides the fragrance, you can also customise the name of it, choose amongst few wooden cap designs that are done by hand by a local French artisan. You can choose the color of the ribbon and other details. This will depend on which option you will choose from the App to create your perfume.

The concept is daring but it works. The best is that you will end up with a completely unique Bespoke fragrance that nobody else will have and that is a win.

Just like we did with our own perfume “Our Blurry Note”

The attention to details is pristine
A Bespoke fragrance done through an App! The results were outstanding.

Here is what Benjamin Sachs wrote about our fragrance:

Creating a unique scent for @feelingsofablurrynote has been telling about a lovely and friendly couple in love. And this has been an amazing  journey.

An olfactory story starting with her, shifting  to him and then developing into both of them as a one.

The other perfume all in black. Amazing service and an incredible result.
“Our Blurry Note” Bespoke fragrance with a dark cap & ribbon for Daniel

Here are some of the olfactive gems that you can find in our fragrance:

  • Citruses: yellow mandarin, sweet orange
  • Spices : cinnamon, saffron, Sichuan pepper, ginger
  • Bouquet floral : rose, jasmine, muguet, ylang
  • Leather: castoreum
  • Incense: frankincense olibanum
  • Musks
  • Amber: ambrette seed, ambroxan, ciste labdanum, vanilla, benzoin Siam
  • Woody and earthy: Atlas Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli
Superfumista is an App that just works!
The details and design of the packaging from Superfumista…Superb stuff!

Check our Podcast episode about SUPERFUMISTA in the link below where we discussed in depth our journey to create our own fragrance and the process with the App with Superfumista’s owner and perfumer Benjamin Sachs.

You can go and say Hi to Superfumista in the link below (Not sponsored):


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