10 Simple Tips to Prevent Hemorrhoids

July 3, 2023

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Written by Marusa Zamorano, MD, General Surgeon Specialised in Abdominal Surgeries, endoscopies and proctology

If you’ve ever experienced the pain and discomfort that comes with hemorrhoids, get ready because today we will learn how to Prevent them.

So, what are hemorrhoids? Picture this: your rectum and anus are home to a network of blood vessels and tissues that help with the passage of stool. Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in this area, similar to varicose veins but located in a rather sensitive region. When these veins become irritated or enlarged, they can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, pain, and even bleeding.

Hemorrhoids come in two main types: internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the rectum and may cause bleeding during bowel movements. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are visible and occur outside the anus. These can be accompanied by itching, pain, swelling, feeling of not emptying the bowel totally.

10 Simple Tips to Prevent Hemorrhoids.

What to do to prevent development of hemorrhoids?

Follow these 10 tips:

1. Fiber Is Your Best Friend: We’ll start with the basics. Fiber is like the hero of digestion. It keeps things moving smoothly and helps prevent constipation, a major contributor to hemorrhoids. So, load up on fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Add fiber to your diet slowly to avoid problems with gas. If you can not intake 30g of fibers daily, consider supplements. Studies have shown that over-the-counter fiber supplements, improve overall symptoms and bleeding from hemorrhoids. But don’t forget to drink minimum 8 glasses of water daily, sure to drink at least eight glasses of water or other fluids every day. Otherwise, the supplements can cause or worsen constipation.

Another great tip for hemorrhoids prevention is fiber rich foor.

And this brings us to the next point for preventing hemorrhoid troubles.

2. Stay Hydrated: Water, water, water! Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining healthy bowel movements. When you’re properly hydrated (like explained in the previous point with min. 8 glasses of water daily) your stool becomes softer and easier to pass. So, grab that water bottle and sip your way to a happier rear end.

Water is key on how to prevent hemorrhoids

3. Don’t Hold It In: When nature calls, don’t put her on hold! Ignoring the urge to go can lead to constipation and straining, which are hemorrhoid-inducing habits. So, whenever you feel the urge, find a restroom ASAP and let it flow. Trust us; it’s better to be safe than sorry!

4. Exercise Regularly: Who knew that breaking a sweat could help your rear end? Regular exercise, whether it’s a short walk, yoga, or dancing like nobody’s watching, helps stimulate bowel movements and keeps things moving along smoothly. So, get up, get moving, and keep those hemorrhoids at bay.

5. Take It Easy on the Throne: We get it; sometimes, sitting on the toilet feels like the only peaceful escape from the chaos of life. However, spending excessive time on the porcelain throne can put unnecessary pressure on your rectal area and increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Make it a rule: no reading novels or solving world problems on the toilet. Do your business and move on!

6. Avoid Straining: Straining is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube with your eyes closed—it never ends well. So, avoid straining during bowel movements. If you’re having trouble, try elevating your feet with a small stool or using a squatty potty to achieve a more natural position. Trust us; your colon will thank you!

7. Wipe Right, Wipe Soft: When it comes to wiping, be gentle and choose soft, fragrance-free toilet paper. Rough wiping can irritate your delicate backside and make hemorrhoids more likely to rear their ugly heads. If needed, you can also use wet wipes or wash with water for a cleaner, gentler experience.

8. Watch Your Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just good for your overall well-being; it’s also beneficial for your behind. Extra weight can put unnecessary pressure on your lower abdomen, increasing the risk of hemorrhoids. So, eat a balanced diet and stay active to keep those pesky pounds at bay.

9. Embrace Loose-Fitting Clothes: Tight jeans and snug underwear may be fashionable, but they can also trap moisture and restrict blood flow to your nether regions. Opt for loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics to keep your backside happy and prevent those itchy, painful hemorrhoids from making an appearance.

10. Stress Less: Stress is like a wrinkle-inducing, hair-pulling, hemorrhoid-promoting monster. Chronic stress can lead to digestive issues and constipation, which are prime triggers for hemorrhoids. So, find ways to manage stress in your life. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, dancing, walking etc.

To finish this up 

So, we’ve reached the end of our journey through the world of hemorrhoid prevention. We’ve covered the importance of fiber, hydration, regular exercise, and not holding it in. We’ve also learned to take it easy on the throne, avoid straining, wipe gently, watch our weight, embrace loose-fitting clothes, and stress less. Remember, prevention is the key to a pain-free posterior!

Implement these tips into your lifestyle, and you’ll be well on your way to preventing those pesky hemorrhoids from causing any trouble. Stay fabulous, stay hydrated, and may your rear end be forever grateful for your newfound knowledge. Cheers to a hemorrhoid-free life!

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