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January 20, 2021

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(Stories about few fragrances that blew our minds during 2020)

Chapter 1- Aoud Exclusif- by Mancera Paris

Last year 2020 was a special one…a rough year to say the least, for us and the world in general, but we also have proven that we are capable to stand strong, move on and continue thriving.
That s why we decided to just write fragments of our story as perfume collectors and share them with all of you, in hopes to brighten up your days and ours as well.

We believe that sometimes it’s necessary to take a little break  regardless of what is going on out there, we will get to know each other a bit more and mainly, we gonna end up smelling like heavens.
So, that’s why today we want to discuss and share with you, the few fragrances from few different houses that we were incredibly lucky to come across last year and that blew our minds (we have seen and heard of these ones before but never tried them till now)…and this is not an overreaction, it is the way it happened to us and we are still in awe with each one of them, cuz they are incredibly nice. But don’t forget that this is a subjective thing, because what we love, you may not, so we encourage you to at least try them out if you feel like.
(We could include way more names, but these ones have that “thing” that makes them special to us)
We are including few different ones that are very suitable for the ladies and the gents (unisex) and perfect for the colder seasons. It’s not that you couldn’t wear them in Summer, we were rocking Amber and Musk Aoud from Roja parfums last summer and the only issue was that they vanished very quickly due to the high temperature , that’s all, we didn’t offend anyone with the “Oud punch” but for those hot days, there are better options .

We will start with Mancera’s Aoud Exclusif, a very interesting fragrance to say the least (this one belongs to their Exclusive collection)

This was a very special surprise for us, a power house fragrance that needs little for colossal results

First of, me and Le wife love this scent, but Le wife doesn’t wear it because she isn’t too much into rose as a note. We came across this particular one while researching for perfume notes and underrated gems according the general opinion (Fragrantica,  perfume articles, Youtube, etc)
On a second note, the price isn’t that bad, in fact, for the quality of the fragrance you get a performance that is straight up “Beastly”

80 EUR for 60 ml of liquid dreams and 135 EUR for the 120 ml bottle that will last you enough for two lifetimes.  This one needs just two sprays and that’s it, you will have to deal with the aroma for 12/14 hours (at least that is what happens here with us) About “sillage” you will be noticed, this thing projects.

Also, this thing is something that feels like it wasn’t created by this particular brand…and we say this in the most respectful way because all Manceras we have tried  shared the same DNA with their “Oud” based fragrances, as a brand that belong to Montale, we feel that their Oud lines share the same vibe with one and the other but Aoud Exclusif is on another league. Incredibly elegant, seductive and high end Oud & Rose combo, spices, ambery touches, warm feeling and exquisite.

They talk about a leather accord in it, probably due to the saffron listed in the note breakdown, but we didn’t notice that.

If you will try it, be careful with your choice of clothes, no whites allowed cuz this thing is dark and it will stain your bright garment.
If you care about presentation, it comes in a shiny golden textile pouch inside a black carton box. The bottle is nice, the cap is magnetic and the sprayer produces a nice mist.

Aoud Exclusif, why so glorious?

We blind bought this one in  Mancera’s website…from Slovenia we order the 60ml bottle and it took two weeks to arrive (from Paris). They were also very generous and added many samples from their other offerings.
So to finish up and if you are into fragrances that have that upper class feel, that are seductive, elegant, that perform incredibly well and that are a part the overdone Oud & Rose combo  (not harsh, not barnyardy Oud accord) then Aoud Exclusif will meet your expectations.


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