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April 4, 2021

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Glamour, elegance, class, shine and probably a dozen more synonyms to describe a jewel.

From the way it is crafted to the way it is presented or even the way it is contained. We thought we needed to use big words to start this post but you already read in the title so we can’t keep it as secret…so here we go

This is another of those names in our list to explore “Maitre parfumeur et Gantier” and what an appropiate name for a perfume house right?

Until this moment, we wish to say it loud and with a proper accent, french, classic, romantic, just as this creation is but for us it is just not possible so we will just pretend to sound cool while saying it.

A little story behind the house, because this one has some history background. A piece of perfume culture where renowned master perfumer Jean-Francois Laporte established the name back in 1988, bringing to the table new and daring blends to what it was till then a more traditional approach to perfumery. Of course we have to mention as well that according to their history, the quality of their materials were some of the finest and they have kept it that way even until now. In our opinion, all that history might be true, but it would be really pretentious and dishonest to validate the whole historical claims as we jut started with only one of their offerings, which is Vocalise, a very classy, uplifting and bright fruity blend.

Vocalise was a joy to experience, given the fact that spring is here, this fragrance adds a nice touch of colourful feeling while enjoying the blossoming outdoors.

And we don’t mean the outdoors with a backpack and hiking the hills, but instead a rather nice and classy outfit to enjoy a glass of fresh juice or a coffee or a lunch out with your beloved ones while smelling like you are enlightened with joy.

Let us tell you what you will be greeted with after you lay down a spray of Vocalise as the opening of this perfume starts with a blast of incredibly natural and fresh black currant smell and it will be there for few minutes until it start to blend with red berries. We have to add that we do not like to play with some technical language and pretend we know about every single note but in this case we will make the exception because the opening really smells the same as listed in the note breakdown as for the opening of this perfume.

What is interesting here is that if you smell this perfume from the nozzle, you will be able to smell the fruits and also a lot of flowers, and it may feel like a fragrance of an old school lady, but you really need to apply it on skin to see what we are trying to explain as this is a perfume that lingers between classic and contemporary, all at the same time, making it very versatile for the feminine audience.

Here we gotta be honest, as we simply can’t imagine a guy pulling this one off in any way, but what do we know right? As this is only our opinion.

To continue with our story, the second stage of Vocalise is sweet and flowery, the berries can still be detected but not as prominent. There is a slight vibe of vanilla creaminess that is probably attributed to the ylang ylang but again, we have never had ylan ylang in our hands to tell you the truth, but only a bottle of essential oil.
There is also a powdery aspect with this perfume, a bit dusty that we think will be different depending on factors such as skin type, humidity and other things because we both tested it and in Le wife’s skin came very sparkly and invigorating and on myself it smelled like makeup powder (this is why we have the opinion that this is a perfume for the ladies) We think we have to blame the listed angelica note for this makeup feel.

After probably 7 hours of wearing this beauty, what is left of Vocalise is a very smooth veil of vanilla and sandalwood. It is tender, gentle and sensual. So if you think about it, you can begin applying this thing, go out and enjoy the day feeling incredibly classy and beautiful and when you are back home, you will be able to unwrap a source of seductiveness that will blind and tame your loved one.

As for the presentation goes, it would be unfair not to write about it here in this very article, but in our opinion, it is so gorgeous that one can easily write a post dedicated just to the way it looks.

The bottle is super nice and its quite heavy but feels very nice in the hand. It has golden writings with the brand name, crest and the name of the fragrance as well.

The cap is a piece of art, a golden engraved heavy piece that has inscriptions around and its topped with a diamond like Swarovski stone. All this is contained in a classy red coffret that has golden inscriptions and makes for a great and elegant display.

If you have the chance of trying Vocalise, please do and see how it works for you. We think it is a winner for spring and autumn as well. As for us, we will definitely keep an eye on other offerings from Maitre parfumeur et Gantier, the perfume house with a perfect name.

Have fun, take care and thank you for your constant support


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