Bring us the gems! (Final chapter)

February 28, 2021

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Sana Jardin Paris

Hello there you awesome people. We hope you are doing amazing in every aspect of your life and we thank you again for stoping by to check our blog. It is true that it is just a blog and we just have started but it means a lot to us that the things we write and share about our passion for perfumes can have a good impact, give you and us a laugh or just give you a little brightness in these odd times. We are very happy to see the amazing positive feedback we have had so far from many people around the internet and also from people we have encounter in person. So we thank you again and let’s do this!!

This is our fourth and final chapter about the incredible fragrance discoveries from 2020 that made it to our collection. As we have stated before, we found many others but these ones stood up amongst the rest. We do not want to imply that some of them are better than the others because at the end they are just different but in this case, we have left the very best for last

We are talking about the house of Sana Jardin Paris,  a fragrance house that we saw the name at some point but it  just vanished from our interest rather quickly. This probably happened due to how incredibly fast perfume names can disappear in this ultra competitive market or maybe because it’s really easy to just stick to the bigger perfume names and their best sellers. We honestly don’t know what was the reason but what we know now is that Sana Jardin showed up again and blew our mind instantly.

The way it happened was nothing special or anything worthy of fanfares…We were just getting  a couple of goodies at the perfume  store and in our bag were added few samples of some new arrivals (four different brands) among them were Sana Jardin’s Nubian Musk, Celestial Patchouli, Savage Jasmine, Jaipur Chant,  Sandalwood Temple and Tiger by her side.

To put is simple, the things we smelled were nice, as an overall feeling of the materials and the scent profiles, very good blends we have to say.
But now we need to tell you about the ones we felt in love with from this house….even now as writing this post and smelling these two perfumes, we can confirm that we left the very best for last because they truly are the most amazing perfumes we have discovered last 2020.

Starting with Tiger by her side,  listed as an oriental floral is the one that is also listed as “Feminine” to which we say “we understand the marketing behind the brand”  so careful on how you frame this perfume because to us it smells completely unisex and  myself (Daniel) I am completely biased….because the impact i had upon the first whiff i took from it, was an instant and fast love.

The notes here are a mixture of deliciousness and beauty…all together blended to the point of holiness (told ya we love this thing)What we get upon first spray is a sweet cinnamon note surrounded by something citrusy.For the patchouli to kick in, we don’t have to wait for so long as it appears with the initial notes almost immediately and it last for basically the whole life of it.

The third act of this perfume is all about adding the smoky incense and smooth ambery vanilla. The rose listed note is not noticeable to us so clear, it’s vague but present. We forgot to mention that this whole experience IT is spicy through and through and the performance is great. We talk 8 plus hours of delight.

Now it is the time we leave the tiger to take a rest and let’s  discuss Sandalwood temple, as it is one of Le wife’s all time favourite…yes, that much love.
Creamy and milky sandalwood is one of Le wife’s favourite notes in perfumery so for her to fall in love with Sandalwood Temple was an easy task. This is probably the creamiest and smoothest sandalwood based fragrance we have encountered so far.

Sandalwood Temple is marketed as an Oriental Woody and its structure is rather simple. Citrus at the top, woods in the middle and more woods and vanilla at the base.
To our nose, this scent starts with a blast of creamy woodsy tones, sandalwood and cedar notes  are fighting to be the star of the show, but we know already who won the throne.Interestingly enough, the citruses are detected in the middle (We dont  mean acidic citruses but more like some mild smelling lemon tree leaves) and these accords don’t last too long either.

The last stage is all about that mentioned creamy and milky sandalwood plus the vanilla that adds a sweeter tone. The vetiver is noticed at the very end but only when we got super close to the skin. We also had seen the note pyramid before so we knew it had vetiver in it otherwise we wouldn’t feel it.

About that marketing reference we mentioned before, we rather think that it is more of a good and sensitive practice than a marketing strategy.

Sana Jardin Paris and  founder Amy Christiansen have a very clear and respectable philosophy about how to help the women in morocco who are behind the harvesting activities that make possible that  we can enjoy  the end result. Basically and in more simple words it is all about  “I will give you back because you are giving me” type e of thing but more elaborated.

They are also cruelty free promoters and practitioners, so this company is a winner in our book.
For more in depth about the whole concept, please go check their website  and you will see the whole idea in detail and even a graph of how it works, so for that we say Kudos to Sana Jardin!!
Now to end this last post about this perfume house and a favourite of ours, let’s talk presentation, because this is and feels a premium luxury fragrance all over the place.

The box is squared and made out of rigid recycled cardboard with their mysterious logo and the name of the fragrance and descriptions very clear and simple.They even have written the possible options and combinations for layering their different offerings which is nice.
The bottle has a minimal design and its made of glass with their logo engraved under their also minimalistic label, same as the black plastic cap which is engraved too
And the sprayer is hands down the best in its class…you control de mist you want out of it…. it is Wonderful.

The pricing of these beauties are 180 Pounds for the 100ml bottles as listed in their website and 95 pounds for the 50ml. We got our 50ml beauties for 139 Eur a piece in Ikona Ljubljana store in their art-perfumery department.
So, if you are interested in checking this incredible brand and see for yourself what we mean with love at first sniff, please sample it and feel the love yourself

Hope you guys enjoy this article and we see you in the next one.
Stay well and be safe!

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