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March 31, 2021

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A hybrid of nature, spices, smoke and sweet holy patchouli

For people who enjoy and love perfumery, the experience of finding exciting smells and collecting  precious creations will always be a thrilling ride. At the same time, there will always be some names that are already iconic in this industry but for whatever reason, they never made it to one’s divine list of perfumes. That is exactly what happens with us and the Italian House of Bois 1920. We knew it existed, we knew it was iconic, we knew we needed to explore their offerings, but we never had the chance until now.

Let’s start with few words about the looks and feel of Itruk’s presentation, because if you care about details and materials, you will be pleasantly happy of what you will get with it. This particular creation belongs to their “Fine fragrance” selection. You have few different options and categories to choose from their wide range of fragrances available in their website and Itruk is one of their finest.

The outer box has some beautiful design and artwork in copper tones and will look great if you have in mind to display it in your shelf. There is another box that contains the bottle and has a brown fabric texture, very sturdy.

The bottle is handmade painted and has a matte green/grey tone that feels very natural and organic as well and the cap is a piece of noble wood. A gorgeous presentation just as we imagined it to be.

Itruk was the first perfume that we had in mind while thinking about Bois 1920. The reason were the notes, as it was listed to have  a spicy opening with notes of black and pink pepper, cardamom, caraway and juniper…follow by a mid stage of holy patchouli (this is the main reason why this perfume was our first choice)

There are more things that accompany the precious herb though. There is orris, nutmeg and according their site, the drydown brings incense, amber, vanilla, tonka and finally oud to the composition and to be honest, we also needed a beautiful model to produce some visuals and the bottle of Itruk would fit perfectly in a setup where blossoming flowers and the brown tone would blend in a visual harmony.

But now we will tell you about  our personal impression regarding of how it smells, given the fact that we are just a couple of perfume enthusiasts that loves a good perfume and don’t care about pinpointing a single note but rather the whole package from a well crafted fragrance.

So once we sprayed for the first time Itruk, we were overwhelmed by the spiciness in a great way.

The opening was a combo of cardamom, pepper and a green touch, probably the juniper, but one thing to mention, on Le Wife, this juice came out sort of fresh, green and foresty but fresh but on my skin, the spices came out very smokey probably because of the incense. To add something else, once we put on the first spray, we knew immediately that this is the kind of perfume that will last long time on the skin. But we will tell you about it a bit later.

The second act of Itruk is what we were praying for, as we mentioned before, green and earthy patchouli heaven surrounded by sweetness and even a bit boozy. Holy smokes this thing is incredibly gorgeous.

Organic smells and feels

About versatility, Le Wife and I both think that this is a perfume for the fresher days, Autumn, Winter and early Spring, also, a completely unisex blend.

The final stage of this beauty comes with vanilla, amber and a westernised oud accord, what a treat.

To end up this story, we will tell you that the whole life cycle of Itruk is fairly long, on Le wife’s skin we could say 6 to 7 hours, myself, i had almost 9 hours of joy.
That’s all for now folks, if you have the chance of trying Itruk, go for it and see what we mean…if you are into spices, patchouli, incense and a foresty vibe, you will love this thing for sure.

Itruk being the star of the show

You can check Itruk and other beauties from Bois 1920 in their webpage

Have fun, enjoy and be safe

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