Il Mio Segreto by Olibere Paris

August 17, 2021

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Perfumes and Cinema

Who loves cinema? Probably most of us enjoy a good film with some nice visuals, great sound and fabulous storytelling, but pretty sure the people at Olibere Paris are one step further as they have created their whole philosophy of perfumery around films. That alone is amazing

Il Mio Segreto is one of their creations inspired by the classic “La Dolce Vita” and we were once more very lucky to experience and live with it for few days already

This one blew us away by its olfactory beauty. It is one of those perfumes that you ask yourself “what is it that makes this fragrance so delicate with its floral structure that makes a woman smell incredibly great, but at the same time can be so suitable for a man?”
I wish we knew the answer.

This beautiful blend is magical. It can be worn by him, by her or by both at the same time creating a gorgeous symbiosis of delicacies and olfactory pleasures.

It can also make you sound like a poet and even make you come up with some fancy terms. Yes, incredible stuff ?

Anyways, this is a beautiful cocktail of white and yellow flowers sweetened by fresh citruses and spicy fruit. Yes, a beautiful thing through and through with a beautiful powdery and sweet ending.

All these dreamy elements are held in a beautiful bottle that has some artwork on the inside if you see through the liquid.

This is perfect for cuddles or relaxation or if you want to go out with your day it will work perfect too. The trail scent is magic in the air.

This one fits like a glove for spring and summer evenings.
But as you know already, do not forbid yourself to the pleasures of fragrances because of a specific season, specially if it is about this true beauty.

Now you know Il Mio Segreto, a beautiful perfume to live a la Dolce Vita.

Notes according to the brand

TOP: Italian bergamot, Grapefruit, Osmanthus

MIDDLE: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Spiced peach, Cardamom

BASE: Benzoin, Iris, Mimosa, Green vanilla, Precious woods

Have fun, take care and thank you for your support


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