Voyages Imaginaires ” La couleur de la Nuit”

August 17, 2021

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All stages of Lavender in one spray

What do you think when you read ” Lavender” in a perfume? Clean and calming, soothing and few others similar terms that relate to the beautiful herb?

We tend to do this a lot with perfumes, when we come across fragrances that have listed lavender in their compositions we immediately think of relaxation. But not here. This is another story.
Voyages Imaginaires has shown to us a very interesting face of this beautiful  herb, one that may feel quite challenging for some people but unique in its own right
La Couleur de la Nuit is all that. A little divisive and unapologetic if you will.

The story  tells  that this perfume was inspired by a night walk in some dampen alley somewhere in Asia and to that, we can’t say much because we haven’t been anywhere in Asia yet. What we can agree is that it is non linear scent, like a scene from Wong Kar-Wai as they also mention in their website.
What we can assure you is that the opening of this fragrance is just like pulling lavender with your bare hands in a field that it is still a bit wet from the rain.

Soil, grass and other herbs.
Beautiful stuff but it can be a bit overwhelming.

Le wife found the opening just like that, a little to much, but myself, i freaking love it.

If you smell it from the bottle/nozzle you may think it is a barbershop kind of scent, but remember, it is not at all.

The middle of this voyage is where the more urban elegance comes in the mix. It is smooth and gentle.
Geranium and rose are listed and very present. And if the middle was nice, be ready to kneel to the drydown because it is phenomenal.
Vanilla and patchouli are sweet enough to make it up for that soothing feeling we were looking for in the first place.

The presentation of this beauty is super nice. Some artwork can be seen through the glorious bottle and their rough finished bronze cap is a touch of good taste when it comes to the overall design.This is a perfume that despite of dividing our opinions, we think is a must have if you are into Lavender .

Notes according the brand:

TOP: Lavender

MIDDLE: Rose Geranium

BASE: Vanilla, Fir balsam, Patchouli

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