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April 5, 2021

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A glimpse of luxury and complexity

Here we are again guys, sharing with you about perfumes that got our attention or simply made it to our collection in some way.
This is a rather first impression post, because for a long and detailed one we would need to dedicate a fair amount of time to a perfume. We would need to put it through different scenarios and seasons to give a proper feedback but to be very honest, we felt that we needed to share about this house rather quickly, because even if it sounds exaggerated, these perfumes are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

To give you a little bit of context, we have been looking closely to middle eastern perfumery, trying to get a bit of knowledge and see the differences between east and west when it comes to perfume blends. Differences that vary from smell, presentation, complexity and all the good stuff.
So we came across few names, but the one that called our attention the most was the house of The Spirit of Dubai. The description of their perfumes, the complex notes pyramids, and also the story behind the brand that depicts the different aspects and attributes from Dubai plus the gorgeous looking designs were some reasons for us to aim in that direction.

Lucky for us, the option to explore their whole line from their first generation collection was a possibility due to their “ridiculously gorgeous” sample set that contains 8 perfumes and each one with 3ml of pure perfection. They also have available their second generation of perfumes which is called “Ultra niche” but that one will have to wait for now.

From Dubai with love. A fast delivery considering the current global situation, trackable number and personalised attention from their staff via mail or phone…as you see, a very good start.

Now let us share with you the whole experience, as this is a dream in a form perfumery, olfactory and visual wise.
The first thing you will see with their package is a sleeve box wrapped around black and smooth Velvet (real one)
The box that contains the goodies is made out of golden cardboard and some inscriptions in black, plus their symbol as well.
What  you get inside of the box is a well crafted treasure, the presentation in each of their samples is just surreal. Each one contains 3 ml of complex and opulent perfume that we will try to explain a bit later because for us it is still something else, something we didn’t have the chance to experience before.
Have you ever seen a parchment? or a rolled papyrus? well, in here, each one of the samples are inside a roll made like parchments. But not paper ones , it is satin of different colours that once you unrolled,  you are amazed by the golden inscription that tells the story of that particular creation. We told you, it is an experience.

The glass container comes inside the rolls, so you will have to pull them out to access them. The vials also come with inscriptions and names of each perfume.

Do you have enough of the luxury and royal material descriptions?, then, let us attempt to describe these perfumes because as we said before, we haven’t  had  the luck to smell nothing like this. Everything is so well crafted and balanced that we are really freaking amazed each time we smell them.

Just a quick note and not to be so repetitive, the performances of this perfumes are to through the roof.

Fakhama (Black) What we get from this one right in the beginning is an incredible mix of roses, fruity notes, smooth oud and a gorgeous coffee accord. It becomes a bit spicy and after a long opening, we can clearly notice some saffron, vanilla and a very gentle patchouli. The drydown claims to have animalic notes but it comes like a furry amber with some hints of suede and a little incense. Seriously a beautiful and sensual perfume.

Rimal (Golden) Probably the most beautiful saffron opening in a perfume. To our noses, it starts with saffron and a beautiful sweet citrus. Little flowers, spices, a loud cinnamon and a leather note can be detected as well, but it is smooth and smokey. Another incredibly long lasting opening, but in here, the middle smells very similar than the opening. The drydown is sweet and smooth and a bit flowery. What a perfume guys.

Bahar (White) This is the one that unleashes the power of the sea mixed with fresh fruits and salty notes. Invigorating, bright flowers with a musky vanilla and sandalwood ending. This one has a lot of notes, way too many to identify but to be honest, the marine genre is not my type so i didn’t care too much to appreciate the artistry behind. According to Le wife, this is the type of summer perfume that can appeal the masses on those sunny days.

Abraj (Silver) Another phenomenal perfume for the hot days. Incredibly beautiful citrus and spicey blend. Lavender, pepper and green pine needles. Fougere style for modern kings. The middle of this gem is cedar and more herbal tones. Sweetness from flower notes give a balance to this stage of Abraj and afer a long time, the sweet patchouli, delicate musky mossy notes and smooth amber makes an entrance. No oud detected in this one as it is listed by the brand

Meydan (Green) Did we say already the word “Perfect Leather”? Now you know, as this is another perfect fragrance and the one Le wife really adored. Another saffron goodness but this one is paired with lavender and grapefruit. We also get some cardamom from the notes listed and the green apple is far back but present. Juicy perfection with a middle segment of geranium and little fresh flowers. We dont get the tobacco here, but we do get the cedar that makes this stage like a walk in a blossoming forest. Drydown is again introducing a velvety leather that is clean and bright and the patchouli at this point is gorgeous. This one also packs some sweet vanilla that is just soothing.

Turath (Blue) This one is the one that is very unconventional to our taste but in a great way. It opens fruity and spicy. It also features coffee and it sure is noticeable. Like coffee made out of delicate strawberries and peaches blended with tons of berries and pepper, a joy that indicates warm days but can be easily worn in the cold seasons due to the middle stage that carries healthy dose of flowers, oud and it has a balsamic aura. This one ends with smokey amber and vanillic patchouli. The incense it is noticeable in every stage as it lingers throughout the whole life of it. Animalic touches are listed to be in the mix but we didn’t get that vibe. Maybe because of the current spring season or who knows.

Majalis (Red) This is a smokey fruity fantasy. It opens with incense and red berries. This one quickly adds more fruit notes and spices to the formula. Coffee again makes an appearance and it is lovely. Middle stage of this one is a bit powdery, but in a classy and elegant way. The patchouli is stellar and the vetiver is one of the best i have ever smelled. There is again a gentle flower component and more woods are involved but in a very subtle way. The end of Majalis is sweet, smokey and resinous. The leather note listed comes again like a creamy suede and you can feel the vanilla accord. The oud here is a bit louder but still not as loud as the next and final one in our list.

Oud (Brown) People, we left the loudest for last and dear lord this thing is loud. Oud, opens with a quick blast of spice, citrus and fruits, but when we say quick, we actually mean it. What comes after these few seconds of fruity opening is a very potent and animalic oud note, the fecal type, but considering our poor training with challenging ouds, we find this one to be actually gorgeous. It is like the actual potent note is surrounded by the most beautiful flowers. There is an indolic jasmine note that adds to the potency of this perfume and the lavender is dreamlike. To come to the middle of this olfactory journey you will need to be patient. Hours later you will finally be able to smell the balsamic aspects of it and some more flowers. Here the oud is a bit more toned down but still present. It is also very leathery at this point.

Finally what is left from this perfume is an exquisite patchouli, an incredible vetiver and more woody notes. The musk at the end is a little bit animalic but the landing of ambergris and vanilla will make you forget about it rather fast.

Our final commentary is about versatility, as for us, this fragrances are very unisex. In fact, Le wife tried and loved every single one with the exception of Oud, but that is because the weather is a little warm here to enjoy this dense creation. As for the seasons, we can say that Bahar is maybe best suited for summer and Oud probably not, everything else on this list is whole year material and signature scent worthy.

To finish this post, we are just gonna say this. If you want to experience middle eastern perfumes that are incredibly complex but in the best way possible, very long lasting, perfectly blended, loud and unique, then spoil yourself and take our word for it or at least give it a try if you haven’t yet.

With The Spirit of Dubai, you will see what we mean because for us, this went beyond of what we were expecting from Middle east perfumery.
Amazing stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let us know if you ever tried this house. We will be bragging about it on Instagram as well so drop as a text if you want to share your experience with us.
Thank you again for your support guys and take care!

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