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August 19, 2021

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The spring always calls for the sweet and invigorating feeling of a tender and tasty fig, at least to us, as we consider this note to be one of the pleasant ones when blended with the right amount of freshnness
There is something magical and happy about fig in perfumes and for us,  if it features more of the  leaf, it is even better.
Fico, from the house of Profumo di Firenze has brought to us that pleasure.

The notes listed on their website speaks of fig fruit, but we think the blend with the green notes makes it smell like the leaves are dipped in fig jam. Yes, tasty stuff, specially when the peach comes in, which is very noticeable.
In the middle stage, there is an airy touch to it, making it very invigorating and perfect for a warm day, besides, it is an ultra unisex fragrance.
FICO its woodsy as well and even if it is not listed, we can detect a sandalwood vibe present. Giving it a fresh start and a more creamy ending.
Before finishing, we want to add that if you spray this one in the air, it smells like delicious peach juice and nothing from a fig which is very Interesting.

The very dry down  has a flower element that even if they say its tuberose, for us smells more like jasmine, a white flower nonetheless, sweet and gentle.
A very nice perfume and surprisingly  long lasting. We crossed the 6 hour mark which is good for a perfume that fits this category

Notes according the brand:

TOP: Fig, Green Notes, Rose

MIDDLE: White Peach, Sweet Woods, Aquatic Notes, Iris

BASE: Musk, Tuberose, Amber Notes

Have fun, take care and thank you for your constant support


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