Cabaret Nocturne by Visiteur

August 20, 2021

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For us, crafting images and films it is a dream come true when it’s about fragrances. Everything we do is powered by the inspiration provided by te smells and the stories behind each creation.

This is the case with the Swedish house Visiteur Perfumes and one of their creations Cabaret Nocturne, a perfume done by the creative hand of Cecile Zarokian and if you know her work, then you know already this is good stuff.

This perfume tells a story of two acts, the first one would be a trendy coffee shop in Lisbon, a place to enjoy a cappuccino or an espresso while listening some hipster music, have a chat or read the paper. But the second act is where the fun starts, as it is supposed to reflect the vibe of a vintage cabaret that used to shelter the lonely souls in that same building where coffee is being served. Crazy idea and the smell fits the narrative.
This opens very floral and sweet, the orange note here is “a la Zarokian” very bright and inviting but not fresh, imagine a fresh orange that warms under the sunlight, that is how we can try to describe the opening. But you must try to understand.This perfume is a hybrid of old school/new school, a fascinating experience.

There is a lot going on along the ride but one thing is clear…the second act is wild. Powdery goodness and burlesque sensuality and if the name suggest this as a perfume pour le femme, it is not as a hairy chest dude can easily wear it while pole dancing and not feel bad about it.Sweet cumin, pepper and gin accord with smoke touches as a final curtain. Cabaret Nocturne is one dirty little diamond that needs to be exposed to the masses. We will come with another  post about Visiteur Parfum and their entire line up (3 fragrances and they are all amazing)

Notes from the brand and as listed by them:

THE PRESENT: Gin accord, Pink pepper, Orange, Smoke, Sandalwood

THE PAST: Powdery notes, Tuberose, Tobacco, Cumin, Animalic notes

Have fun and enjoy!

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