The amazing world of Podcasting

May 12, 2023

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A brief thought about Podcasting

There’s no denying the incredible wealth of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration that can be found in this booming medium, the amazing world of Podcasting.

The amazing world of Podcasting

This way of creating content offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with people from all over the world.

Fun fact?:

Did you know that this medium is around since early 2000’s? Or did you know that the term itself came from the word iPod and broadcast? Because we are knewbies in the topic, this was so cool to learn as we never even asked ourselves that question. But maybe you knew about it right?

Another fact?:

The truth is that apple gave the opportunity to download audio files in their iPod devices and that provided an opportunity to creators to expand the ways of communicating with their audiences which was great but at the same time it makes us feel that we were a little late to the party as we owned iPods but never used those features (except playing music non stop and looking at photos, lol)

At the same time, blogging was on the raise, so to have the option to communicate all those articles via audio was a no brainer.

Another interesting data that what we found while doing some research about the origins of podcasting was the name of Dave Winer as the person who developed the RSS (really simple syndication), an application that allows even to this day, the automatic distribution of audio files over the internet (this was back in 2003) So thanks Dave!!

With the modernisation of smartphones, podcasts are easier to access now more than ever and there are millions of episodes available to the public that are covering diverse topics and for all kind of people and interests and it will continue to grow, no doubt about it.

How about us?

In our case, we started with this idea about a year ago and even if we are not producing episodes on a regular basis due to time limitations, every time we record another chapter, the session is full of excitement and laughs. (Behind the scenes can be hilarious) and if you ask yourself how to start the best podcast? It is simple, just write exciting ideas, a phone with a microphone (built in mic) where you can record your conversations and you will be just fine (You can always step up your game later with some fancier gear)

We started covering topics about niche perfumery but now we are slowly adding conversations about lifestyle, trends and health, to name a few.

Some of the people we have had as guests were perfume brand owners and legendary perfumers (Like on this link) and each time, the conversations were amazing. Getting to know more about the perfume brands that we enjoy and love is fascinating.

Soon we will have more guests from different areas and niches so we can learn about other topics and share them with you, the listener and the reader.

Until now, we have produce only audio episodes but we will start adding video format as well. 

Where is ours?

Our Podcast is available in most of the platforms such as Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and few others.

Some of the topics that we will bring to you in our next episodes will be:

Minimalism as a lifestyle

Health topics

Travel memories (From some of our trips)

Relationship topics

And a lot more so stay tuned!

PS: If you are interested to hear about the gear that we use to produce our episodes, tips/trick, what microphone for podcast and also the software that is needed, or if you are interested in how to start a Podcast? please let us know and we will be happy to write about it and obviously to make a whole Podcast episode to cover all about that.

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