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April 21, 2023

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Vibrant colours and flavours from your fresh market and local produce

When discussing outstanding fresh market and local produce, we mean food grown, produced, and sold within a specific region. We buy the goods for our own consumption specifically from the fresh market in the old part of Ljubljana center.

Local produce is the best produce :)

To choose to buy from local produce vendors over than from a supermarket has some great points to consider.

For example, supermarkets often stock vegetables that have traveled long distances from their source or fields. Farmers harvest these veggies while they’re still growing. However, if you visit a fresh market and buy tasty local produce, farmers typically harvest these greens at their peak of ripeness. You can recognize this by their size, color, taste, and especially their rich content of minerals and vitamins that we need.

Naturally, you’ll also encounter vendors selling fruits and veggies from different seasons, which don’t qualify as local produce.

When you choose local produce, you are reducing the environmental mess that is associated with food transportation. As we mentioned before, food travels long distances to reach supermarket shelves so to contribute in some way or form to reduce this problem, it makes our food taste even better 🙂


Best thing ever!

We can’t leave the economic benefit out of these relevant points because if you opt for local produce, you are directly helping with your local economy.

Hopefully we don’t sound like an activist though because we are not. We just wanted to state factual points and at the same time share our take on this topic.

A couple of years back, we adventured into growing our own veggies and it was an amazing experience. Fresh peppers, tomatoes and other goodness were a part of that journey so we know the efforts and the time that it takes but it was all worth it.

The setup we had was an indoor one for the seeding and sprouting stages. Using some led lights from our video gear and the right soil we were able to grow some healthy looking and tasty veggies.

The next step was to move the already grown plants to bigger pots and check them daily. The process was slow and uncertain since it was our first time growing vegetables. However, seeing the produce was both relieving and joyful, proving we can all grow our own fresh food. Whether these are veggies or fruits, for salads or smoothies, If we want to we can all do it 🙂

That is one of the main reasons of why we are trying to consume local produce, whether is our own or from the fresh market and we encourage you to do it too.

Here are few images from some of our fresh produce…lots of peppers, and even chilli sauce. This was three years ago.

We encourage you to try and see the benefits of the delicious healthy and locally produced vegetables and season fruits at your local fresh market. The quality and taste are unmatched and you will be helping out your community in the process.

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