Recreational Bicycles: Pedaling Fun and Great Adventures!

August 20, 2023

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Hey there fellow Bicycle enthusiast—or should we say, future enthusiast?

Remember when you were a kid, and Bicycles were just a mean to an end? Bikes took you to your best friend’s house, or just around the block where you’d race your pals. Well, those days don’t need to be behind us. Let’s talk about some fun, entertaining, and adventurous experiences with two types of bikes: mountain bikes and electric bikes.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thank you

Bicycles are the very best way to relax and explore at the same time.

1. Mountain Bikes – Not Just bicycles for the Mountains!

Mountain bikes! Despite their name, these Bicycles are not just for rugged terrains or those downhill tracks. Not at all. Mountain bikes are your ticket to epic adventures and explorations.

Many times we were taking our Mountain Bikes to explore local trails or sometimes even other countries. Our first bikes were Specialized RockHopper which had a “cross country” frame. Later we changed them for a Specialized Chisel and a NukeProof Scout which were more for trails.

We always loved the sense of accomplishment after tackling wild paths, little slopes, and rocky areas but always being cautious with the adrenaline rush because these bikes are begging to push them to the limits. They are like Dopamine on wheels 🙂

Our top 3 Mountain Bikes are:

The Cannondale Trail 6 29 Inch – Impact Orange

This is our first recommendation for a mountain bike that works great on the trails. We had a different brand and model which was the equivalent of this one but the one we had is no longer in production. We tried this one before but we didn’t buy them because they were very pricey at that time. Now their prices are quite affordable for the type of bike you are getting. And that colour though…love it!!

The HAWK Trail One 29″ Mountainbike

This has a very similar feeling and riding capabilities than the Specialized RockHopper, but at half of the price. The specs are great and the built is solid as every German piece of built.

The Aoyo 9 Speed Mountain Bike

This is our third pick just because it looks awesome and it is super light. If we compare this model with the NukeProof Scout, this option is a lot cheaper and it will still give you the thrills 🙂

2. Electric Bikes – Why Do All The Work?

Ever wished of having superpowers? Well, an e-bike might just be your cape. These amazing machines give you an added boost, so if you’re pedaling against the wind or uphill, you won’t feel defeated and out of breath.

Our Experience: So, we have tried an e-bike once before but a couple of months ago, we pulled the trigger with the electric bike thingy (Ecobike) and it just changed our perspective on bicycles and fun. Picture this: a sunny day, the wind in our the faces and hair (thanks to the e-bike’s little motor!), and the feeling of gliding effortlessly. There was a hill that was very very steep, but with the e-bike, we went up as if we had jet boosters! It’s not cheating though; it’s just upgrading the biking game 🙂

With e-Bikes you are not contaminating and they use sustainable energy. One thing that is also very convenient is that you can easily go to the shop and get the groceries needed to prepare a tasty lunch. Just make sure to have the right basket.

In our case, we had to buy separately a removable basket that looks awesome and packs a good space to carry some items.

Our top 3 E-bikes Bikes are:

Bergsteiger Hampton 28 Inch City E-Bike,

This is a laid back model e-bike with a powerful Motor and a design that gets a lot of looks while you are in the street. It is on the heavy side though and it is recommended for people up to 160 cm but that is not very accurate as we are in the 179 cm group and it fits perfect.

The Fafrees F20 Max E-Bike

A little beast with a character. This one is foldable which is awesome for keeping is on small areas but be aware that it is a bit heavy for its size as it has fat tyres, reaching the 31 Kg of weight.

ADO Air 20S E-Bike

This was the bike we initially wanted because of the beautiful design and lightweight but it wasn’t very practical for going to the shops. It is very minimalistic in design and as the name implies, it feels like a feather with a claimed weight of 18.5 Kg. Oh, and it is also foldable 🙂

IMPORTANT: All these bikes are set to go up to 25 km per hour and that is by law. It is not recommendable to hack them as it is not legal and the guarantee will go “bye bye”

Why Bother with Bicycles?

We get it, it is nice to chill if there’s a couch, a TV, and the comfort of air conditioning. But the truth for some people (like us for example), biking is not just about the physical movement, it’s an experience. Feel the wind, see your surroundings and enjoy the freedom of exploring on two wheels. It’s perfect for your health and an awesome way to spend your free time. The perfect outdoor Hobby.

We have pedaled through beautiful places that by walking it would have taken way too long but with our bikes, we managed to see plenty of the mesmerizing nature.

If you are planning on doing those kind of trips, besides your helmet, make sure to pack an air pump, some repair kit for the tyres and a Camelbak with plenty of water…Oh, and some good sun protecting cream to keep yourself safe from the scorching sun, specially if it’s a summer adventure.

And if you’re wondering where you could grab one of these bikes for yourself, look no further!

Happy pedaling, and remember, every ride is an adventure waiting to happen!

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