Why Hobbies Are More Than Just Time-Fillers!

August 13, 2023

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Everyone knows that hobbies are the activities that we usually do in our free time, but there are also factors that make these activities very relevant.

If you wonder what is so special about them, we prepare the following points:

You got some stress going on? Picking a hobby that resonates with your personality and taste will surely reduce the stress and keep you and your overall well being on point which is amazing! 

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Pottery is one of those famous Hobbies we wanted to learn but couldn't yet

Another great aspect is that when you pick a hobby, this one will start as a new experience but eventually it  will turn into a new skill. Practice makes a master.

Also, there is nothing better than the excitement you get when you are doing something you love and are passionate about. 

Hobbies are like a retreat from your normal daily routine which is fabulous and they will create a healthy balance in your life.

The other aspect that most of people are looking for is the FUN factor! There is no way around this one so prepare yourself because there will be a lot of it!

Confidence is another relevant thing to mention with hobbies. The feel of being proud after you are done with your “extra curricular” activities is a rewarding one.

Hobbies can also create a connection with people who share the same passion for specific activities so if you are into communities of “like minded people”, then this is a good point to consider.

Lastly and most importantly, Hobbies are healthy. Doesn’t matter in what way, but they are great for the body, mind and soul and nobody can deny about it.

When it comes to types of Hobbies, there is an enormous amount of them to choose from. Different categories have many Hobbies to each type of individual.

Some of those categories are:

  • Arts and Crafts such as Painting, Pottery, Knitting
  • Music and Performing Arts like Singing, Podcasting, Acting or playing some instruments
  • Collecting stuff like Stamps, Perfumes (we are avid collectors of this one), antiques
  • Reading and Writing Blogs, Poems or Journals
  • Sports or Physical Activities like Hiking, Yoga, Martial Arts
  • Nature and Gardening like Camping, Gardening and Flower Arranging 
  • Cooking or Baking thinks like Cakes, Fermenting Food or Gourmet goodies
  • Puzzles and Games like Chess, Video Games or Board Games
  • Learning and Education things like Astronomy, DIY Projects, Seminars and Languages

Still reading? because we have some more Hobbies 😀

  • Travel and Adventure like Backpacking or Urban Exploration which is very popular
  • Photography or Filmmaking can provide Landscape photography, Street Photo, Short Film creation
  • Animals and pets like Dog training and Horse riding
  • Tech and Computers like Coding and Web Design
  • Modeling is also popular like Lego Building, Planes and Trains Modeling
  • Social Activities like Volunteering and Social Dancing events and even Bingos! 🙂

In our many years of marriage, we have picked several hobbies that were amazing. But as we grow older, some of them has changed. 

We have done things like Aerobics, Jogging, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Street Photography, Filmmaking, Veggie Gardening, Perfume collecting, etc. Few of them turned into jobs though, so they don’t apply anymore as a hobby.

As you can see, there are hobbies for everyone and the options are endless. You just have to go out and see what suits your taste and we can guarantee you that it will be rewarding and you will want more!

Let us know which ones are your favourite hobbies down in the comments.

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