30-Day Decluttering Challenge: A Guide to a Clutter-Free Home

November 26, 2023

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Welcome to the 30-Day Decluttering Challenge!  We know, how hard it is to get motivation to start with the decluttering process. When you put a huge task into many small ones, it is way easier to achieve your goal. And 30 Day challenge is a perfect way to do this little decluttering steps, ending with a beautiful, clutter-free home and also feeling light and happier. 

Decluttering Challenge is here. Lets do this!

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So, are you ready to transform your space and achieve a cleaner, more organized home? This challenge is designed to take you through a month-long journey of decluttering, tackling one specific area each day. Let’s get started and make decluttering a rewarding and stress-free experience!

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Day 1: Clothes

Clothes can accumulate quickly and take up significant space. Go through your wardrobe and set aside items you haven’t worn in the last year. Consider donating clothes that don’t fit or no longer reflect your style. This task not only frees up closet space but also offers a chance to refine your personal style and make room for what you truly love and use.

Check this awesome tool to keep your clothes minimal and tidy HERE

Day 2: Shoes

Assess your shoe collection. Donate shoes that are uncomfortable, out of style, or rarely worn. This frees up space and simplifies your choices.

Organize your shoes as a Decluttering Challenge

Look at this practical and cute shoe rack to improve your decluttering journey HERE

Day 3: Jewellery & Beauty Accessories

Time to tackle your jewellery and beauty accessories. Sort through your items, keeping only those that you love and use regularly. Consider donating or repurposing pieces that no longer fit your style. This also includes sorting through hair accessories, clips, and other small beauty tools. Organizing these items not only clears space but also makes it easier to find and choose accessories when you need them.

There is this gorgeous Jewellery Organizer Tray which is minimal and elegant HERE

Day 4: Makeup, Hair Products, Skin Care Products & Perfumes

Evaluate your collection of makeup, hair products, skin care items, and perfumes. Dispose of products that are expired, those you don’t use, or that don’t suit your skin or hair type anymore. This is an excellent opportunity to create a more efficient beauty routine with products that truly work for you. Organizing these items can also streamline your daily routine and make your space look more tidy and inviting.

The right amount of makeup and skin care products as a Decluttering Challenge

Check the most practical and beautiful skincare organizer to keep your minimal selection of goods HERE

Day 5: Linens & Towels

Evaluate your linen closet. Donate or repurpose old or unused linens, like sheets and towels. Keeping only what you regularly use frees up a lot of space.

The perfect bed linen organizer exists and it is awesome! Check your HERE And for towels is HERE 🙂

Day 6: Old Books

Books are treasures, but they can also become clutter. Review your bookshelves and consider which books you’re likely to read again. Donate or pass along titles that no longer serve you. Local libraries, schools, or thrift stores often welcome book donations. This step can rejuvenate your bookshelves and share the joy of reading with others.

A simple book collection as a Decluttering Challenge

Tree Bookshelf? Check this great and minimalistic option to keep your favourite books HERE

Day 7: Home Decor

Review your home decor. Remove items that no longer match your style or that clutter your space. This can refresh the look of your home.

Simplify your minimal living room setup with a gorgeous side table like this one HERE

Day 8: Countertops

Clear your countertops of unnecessary items. A clean, open surface makes your home feel more spacious and organized.

Clean and organized countertops as a Decluttering Challenge

To keep everything simple, visible and clean, check this awesome corner shelf HERE

Day 9: Nightstand

Declutter your nightstand. Keep only essential items, creating a more peaceful bedroom environment.

A clean and simple design will do the trick. Just like this immaculate nightstand HERE

Day 10: Purse and Wallet

Clean out your purse and wallet. Remove old receipts, unused cards, and other clutter. This small task can make daily life more organized.

A clean and simple purse or wallet as a Decluttering Challenge

Marc Jacobs understood the task with the Tote Bag HERE Or a Bellroy “Hide & Seek” Wallet HERE

Day 11: Laundry Room & Cleaning Items

Tackle the laundry room. Remove items that don’t belong and organize your laundry supplies. A well-organized laundry room can make the task more pleasant.

The holy grail of laundry organization you can get it HERE Or check this one HERE for cleaning goodies.

Day 12: Fridge and Freezer

Old condiments, forgotten leftovers, and items past their prime can clutter your fridge and freezer. Clearing out expired or unwanted items makes room for fresh food and makes meal prep easier. Cleaning these spaces also helps maintain the efficiency of your appliances.

Keep your fridge clean and not so full as a Decluttering Challenge

Nothing beats a good set of containers to keep your fridge pristine and clean like the ones HERE

Day 13: Spices, Dry Food and Pantry Items

Take a look at your pantry, dry food and spice rack. Dispose of expired spices and food items. Organizing your pantry not only clears space but also makes it easier to find what you need when cooking.

You can basically keep all your kitchen spices and dry foods in one perfect rack. Get yours HERE

Day 14: Kitchen Tools and Appliances

Evaluate the gadgets and appliances in your kitchen. Do you really use that sandwich maker or the juicer sitting at the back of the cabinet? Donate or sell appliances that aren’t essential to your daily cooking. This decluttering step helps streamline your kitchen space for more efficient cooking.

Only few kitchen tools as a Decluttering Challenge

For your kitchen tools, Look at this one HERE (Cutie right?) For appliances, check this rack HERE

Day 15: Under the Kitchen Sink

This area often becomes a dumping ground for various cleaning products and supplies. Remove everything, dispose of empty or unused items, and organize what’s left. Consider using bins or shelves to keep things tidy and easily accessible.

Under sink organizers are a thing! Check a nice and highly functional Under sink storage HERE

Day 16: Medicine Cabinet

Expired or unused medications can clutter your medicine cabinet and potentially be unsafe. Check the expiry dates and safely dispose of outdated items. Remember, don’t flush medicines; check for local medicine take-back programs or pharmacies that accept them.

Only the right things in your medicine cabinet as a Decluttering Challenge

Keep your medication stuff organized and visible. Check a functional and nice looking container HERE

Day 17: Junk Mail

Today, we start with something simple yet impactful: junk mail. Gather all the unopened envelopes, flyers, and advertisements that have piled up. As you recycle or shred these items, think about ways to reduce future paper clutter. Can you unsubscribe from mailing lists or switch to digital statements? This small step not only clears physical space but also helps reduce environmental waste.

Because mail matters 🙂 Keep your letters and relevant envelopes organized with this Mail basket HERE

Day 18: Personal Files

Organize your personal files. Shred and recycle unnecessary papers and digitize what you can to reduce physical clutter.

Keep your personal files organized as a Decluttering Challenge

Keep your files organized with a rack like the one HERE Or top secret with a fireproof file folder like the one HERE 🙂

Day 19: The Junk Drawer

Almost every home has a junk drawer filled with miscellaneous items. Empty it out and sort through everything. Recycle or throw away items that are no longer needed, and organize the rest. Use small containers or dividers to keep similar items together.

When it comes to drawers, design and functionality, nothing will beat the one HERE

Day 20: Random Cords, Cables, and Chargers

We all have them – a collection of cords and chargers, some of which we can’t even remember what they belong to. Sort through this electronic jumble. If you haven’t used a cord or charger in over a year, it’s likely you don’t need it. Organize the keepers with labels or ties for easy identification.

Only few needed cables as a Decluttering Challenge

To keep the needed cables organized, you need to be able to see them. Check a great option HERE

Day 21: Technology and Electronics

Go through old electronics and accessories. Recycle or donate items you no longer use. Reducing electronic clutter can free up significant space.

Keep your few electronics on display while looking really cool. Check the perfect tool for the job HERE

Day 22: Craft Supplies

For the craft enthusiasts, it’s time to sort through your supplies. Keep what you use and donate or discard the rest. This will make your creative space more inspiring and less chaotic.

Maintain the right amount of crafting material is a good exercise for your Decluttering Challenge

After you are done decluttering your crafty items, keep the needed ones HERE

Day 18: Makeup and Personal Care Products

Go through your makeup and personal care items. Discard anything that’s expired or you no longer use. This not only declutters your space but also is better for your skin health.

Nothing beats an organic wooden organizer for your makeup and other self care items. Check it HERE

Day 23: Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations can create sentimental clutter. Keep decorations that you use and love, and let go of the ones that no longer fit your style or space. Consider donating them to a community center or selling them online.

Keep your holiday decor nice and tidy in some container as a Decluttering Challenge

You don’t need a bag with skulls stamped all over but only a good option to keep the decor inside. Just like the one HERE ...You can still paint a bat on it 🙂

Day 24: Phone Cleanup

Digital clutter can be as overwhelming as physical clutter. Go through your phone and delete unused apps, old photos, and unnecessary files. Organizing your digital space can significantly enhance your device’s performance and your daily efficiency.

To keep the remaining files backed up. Check this sleek, minimal and very powerful external drive HERE

Day 25: Board Games

Board games are great for entertainment, but they can take up a lot of space. Review your collection and decide which ones you still play. Donate or sell games that are no longer in use. This not only clears space but can also bring joy to others.

Board games in a nice bag and only the fun ones as a Decluttering Challenge

How about some nice mesh storage bags to keep your Monopoly? Check it out HERE

Day 26: Toys

Children’s toys can quickly accumulate and overrun your space. Involve your kids in the process of sorting through their toys. Donate, recycle, or throw away broken toys and keep only those that they frequently play with.

Keep just a few little toys while adding a touch of style to your kid’s room with this beauty HERE

Day 27: Pet Products

Sort through your pet supplies. Dispose of damaged toys, expired food, or items your pet no longer uses.

Your pet toys don't need to be kept in large amounts. A good way for a Decluttering Challenge

A cute and small little box for your furry friend’s toys and accessories HERE

Day 28: Car

Declutter your car. Remove trash, organize the glove compartment, and clear out unnecessary items from the trunk. A clean car offers a more enjoyable driving experience.

An elegant and sleek car organizer storage to keep your things sorted is a must. Get yours HERE

Day 29: Garage

Sort through your garage. Discard or donate unused items, organize tools, and clear space. This can make your garage more functional and accessible.

Don't forget to keep your garage organized and clean as a Decluttering Challenge

Keep your tools in order with this wall rack HERE. Bikes and other stuff with this one HERE and Power tools with this one HERE

Day 30: Re checking Day

Use this day to revisit any area that needs more attention or tackle a spot you haven’t covered yet. This day is about final touches to ensure your space feels truly decluttered.

A simple and straight to the point monthly planner to keep track of your decluttering HERE

BONUS: Audio Book

A nice audio book can help enormously with your Decluttering Challenge

If you want to listen a good audio book about this topic while decluttering your space, check this amazing book HERE

This completes our 30-Day Decluttering Challenge. Each day focused on a specific area, helping to break down the overwhelming task of decluttering into manageable steps. Feel free to adjust the days to fit your needs and schedule. Happy decluttering!

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