Chimichurri Sauce: One of the Best from South America

February 19, 2024

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Our chimichurri sauce was amazing

Chimichurri, originating from Argentina and Uruguay, is a vibrant green sauce used with grilled meat. Its main ingredient, fresh parsley, along with garlic, vinegar, oil, and red pepper flakes, gives it a tangy and slightly spicy taste.

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There are variations of the sauce that may include other herbs such as cilantro, oregano, and thyme, and the proportions of the ingredients can vary according to personal taste or regional traditions.

Types of Chimichurri Sauce?

You can prepare chimichurri sauce in two main styles: chimichurri verde (green) and chimichurri rojo (red). The green version, focusing on fresh parsley, is more common, while the red version adds red bell pepper or tomato and sometimes red chili flakes for extra color and a distinct flavor profile.

This incredibly versatile sauce goes beyond just a condiment for grilled meats, finding use in numerous ways.
It can marinate chicken or fish, dress vegetables, or add flavor to sandwiches and salads.

What About Chimichurri Sauce Outside South America?

Outside South America, many restaurants and homes serve chimichurri, especially those fond of international cuisines and grilled meats. In the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, chimichurri frequently appears as a sauce option in steak houses, barbecues, and food markets with international offerings.

We made our own take on Chimichurri and it was incredible!

Check our video recipe:

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