Work your Inner Calm: Simple Techniques to Push Stress Away

September 16, 2023

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Who has ever felt like a boiling kettle with a steam about to shoot from the ears? Or maybe like a hamster on a wheel, running endlessly but getting nowhere? Yep, that’s called stress. We’ve all been there, both of us having lots of it in many different life situations, including our work, health and family life. With time we found some really good strategies to deal with it. And guess what? Taming this beast is easier than you think! Today, we’ll share some simple techniques for managing the inner calm and stress that won’t require a PhD or a trip to visit the Monks in Tibet. Ready?

Inner Calm for everyone

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Deep Breathing: The Solution You Didn’t Know You Had

Think of your breath as a solution to stress within you. When life gets challenging, taking deep, intentional breaths can work perfect. Think of it like a ‘reset’ button on a computer. The best part? It’s free and available anytime, anywhere.

How to do it:

Find a comfy spot. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply, hold for 5 seconds, then slowly exhale. Repeat until you feel calmed and at ease.

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Journaling: Your Personal and Portable Therapist

Do you really need a diary when you’ve got a journal? Write down what’s bothering you. The act of putting pen to paper can provide clarity and a sense of relief.

Get started:

Buy a cool notebook. Spend 10 minutes each day writing down your thoughts. Don’t overthink, just write!

Meditation: Be Your Own Monk

Meditation is not out there calling your name out loud. It’s patiently waiting for you to find it. Once you do, it will provide you moments of stillness so you can connect with yourself at a much deeper level.

Simple steps:

Start with just 5 minutes a day. Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and focus on your breath. When your mind starts to look away, bring it back gently. There are also tons of apps to guide you if you’re a meditation novice.

Inner calm and meditation goes hand on hand

Exercise: Sweat Off the Stress

Ever heard the saying, “Motion changes emotion”? Well, it’s spot on. Moving your body releases feel-good chemicals that combat stress.

Keep it simple:

You don’t need a gym. Dance in your living room, take a walk around the block, or do a quick YouTube workout. Doesn’t matter what, just go for it!

Music: The Universal Language of the Soul

Music has an incredible ability to change our mood. Got stress? There’s a tune for that.

Give it a try:

Create a go-to playlist filled with songs that lift your spirit. Play it whenever you need a boost.

Music is one of our favorite ways to find inner calm and relaxation

Limit Screen Time: Digital Detox, Anyone?

Those endless notifications and emails can contribute to our stress levels. Sometimes, a break from the screen is just what the doctor ordered. Seriously, this works very good!

Here’s how:

Set aside specific times during the day for checking messages. Consider a digital detox one day a week. Hard to believe but the world will go on regardless!

Laugh it Off: One of The Best Medicines

When did you have your last hearty laugh? It felt good, right? Laughter releases stress-busting endorphins and leaves you super relaxed.

How to get more giggles:

Watch a funny movie, read a hilarious book, or chat with that friend who always has a good story to laugh about.

Laugh with your loved ones. Share that amazing moment and feel your inner calm growing

Nature Therapy: Ask Mother Earth For Advice

Nature has a calming effect on the mind and soul. A simple walk in the park can be therapeutic.

Easy tip:

Dedicate one day a week to spend time outdoors. Can be a walk, or just sitting under a tree – nature won’t disappoint, nature will heal you.

Art and Crafts: Create Your Way to Inner Calm

You don’t need to be Picasso to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of creating art.

Get going:

Paint, doodle, craft, or knit. Do anything that allows you to express yourself.

Connect: The Human Touch

Talking with loved ones can offer a fresh perspective and comfort during stressful times.

Simple action:

Make it a point to connect. A simple call or meet-up with a close friend can do wonders.

Call a good friend and share what is in your head. It will help you to find your inner calm

In conclusion, sometimes life can feel like a storm of stress, but it’s the little moments of calm we create the ones that matter. Practice some of these techniques and feel the changes. Cultivate a peaceful inner garden where calm and joy can bloom.

Until next time, breathe easy and smile often.

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