The Wonderful Note of Oudh in Perfumery

September 12, 2023

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If you’ve ever heard about the world of luxury perfumes, you’ve likely come across a unique and powerful ingredient/word: Oudh. So Let’s break down what oudh is and why it’s so hyped in the fragrance world.

Oudh chips

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What is Oudh?

Oudh, also known as oud, is a resinous wood from the Aquilaria tree, found mainly in Southeast Asia. When this tree gets infected by a certain mold, it produces a dark, fragrant resin to protect itself. This resin-soaked wood is what gives oudh its distinct aroma.

Why is Oudh Special?

Rare and Precious:

Only a few trees produce this resin, making oudh one of the most expensive ingredients in the perfumery world.

Unique Scent:

Oudh offers a rich and complex scent. It’s often described as warm, woody, and slightly sweet, with hints of damp wood but to some people it can be challenging as it also can smell animalic.


Oudh has a long-lasting aroma, making it a favorite for perfumes that offer a an outstanding performance.

Oudh in Perfumes

Oud acts as a base note in fragrances, grounding other ingredients and providing depth. When mixed with other scents, oudh can add a layer of luxury, mystery, and warmth.

Some of Our Best Oudh Based Perfumes

To experience the magic of oudh, check out these five perfumes from our collection:

Pearl Oud:

From the house of Kilian Paris, Pearl Oud is a sweet and elegant Oudh perfume which is unisex and has a note of rose that is very jammy. It has spices and other florals such as Iris that makes it a touch fresh. It is Incredibly gorgeous scent and it lasts forever in the skin. On a side note, this perfume is very linear but in the best way possible.


From the house of Somens Barcelona, Arena is a perfume that has an Oud accord which is smooth, a bit sweet and warm. It has other notes such as florals and amber. This is a perfume with a mass appealing effect and a great performance. It is completely unisex and boderline sexy 🙂 If you want to experience Arena, you can buy it HERE

Fumee Royale:

From the house of handcrafted perfumes and attars Elixir Attar, Fumee Royale packs a blast of Oud, incense and spices. This particular fragrance is highly concentrated and it has an excellent performance. The opening is loud and a room filler. A warm and mysterious scent for the perfume connoisseur. In our opinion, it leans more on the masculine side.

Fall Into Stars:

From the house of StrangeLove, Fall Into Stars is one of the fanciest when it comes to Oudh fragrances. It is loaded with the precious wood and it has also notes of yellow florals, pepper and vanilla. This is a perfume for people who are daring and wants to leave a statement wherever they go. It has a mesmerizing development and a MEGA performance. Probably one of the most luxurious Oudh perfumes out there and a unisex one.


From the Ultra niche house of Al Shareef Oudh, Ishraaq is at the top of everything! From the hundreds of perfumes that we have come across in these years of collecting, there is nothing that compares to this intriguing perfume. Oudh here is loud, unapologetic and regal. This is not for the faint of heart but only for those who walk the earth with confidence. Very smokey, ultra spicy and animalic! There are notes such as cardamom, tobacco, incense, clove, Oudh (lots of it) and florals. It is the most challenging yet mesmerizing perfume we have in our collection hands down! Dare to try it? Buy it HERE

Oudh’s aroma has became a statement in the world of luxury fragrances. No matter if you’re new to perfumes or a fragrance aficionado, the depth and richness of oudh will leave a lasting impression.

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